What Are The Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields on Humans?

There are real dangers of electromagnetic fields on humans.  Year after the year, more reports are coming to light.  More researchers are warning that EMFs may not be as safe as they thought.  There's enough plausible risk that I believe protection is one of the most important things you can do.

When we have children, we bundle them up when it's cold. We hold on to the back of their bike as they are learning to ride, we limit what they are exposure to certain internet sites and we say no to some things that they want.


Because we are taking protective measures.  The chances of them getting hurt are very slim yet we do what we feel is right to protect them.

We should be doing this same thing with ourselves where electromagnetic fields are concerned.

EMF Radiation Are Normal In Our Environment

But that doesn't mean they're safe.

Are you constantly using your phones, TVs, or computers?

This is normal. However, there might be some risks associated with too much exposure to these things.

In this century, technology is at its peak. As time passes by, it evolves even more resulting in more electricity demand and people having more exposure to these magnetic fields.

The exposure to electromagnetic fields is one of the factors that give a huge impact on male sperm count, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, and depression. It might even contribute to cancer.

Effect of the Magnetic Field on The Human Body

Low frequency electric and magnetic fields are present in our living environment every day. The sources include telecommunications, microwave ovens, and broadcasting antennas.

It is important to know the truth behind technology’s secrets about how it harms and affects our health to prevent the illnesses.  

What You Will Learn:

What are Electromagnetic Fields?

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are hidden electric and magnetic fields of energy that are present everywhere which are natural sources. They are made with electric charges associated with thunderstorms.

Human-made sources of EMFs are made by electric charges that surround an electronic device.

EMFs differ in their wavelength or frequency. Wavelength refers to the distance between one wave to the next wave, while frequency refers to the amount of cycles per second. This means that the higher the frequency, the lower the wavelength.

EMFs come from electricity in your home, office, airplanes, and in the environment. The frequencies of these EMFs vary.

Mobile phones and computers are considered intermediate frequencies (IF), while power lines and all appliances using electricity are considered as extremely low frequencies (ELF), and radios, televisions, microwave ovens are radio frequency fields (RF) .

IFs have frequencies from 300 Hz to 10 MHz, while ELFs have frequencies up to 300 Hz, and RFs have frequencies of 10 MHz to 300 GHz.

Both low and high frequency electromagnetic waves affect the body in different ways since there are also other factors to consider.

The strength of the energy that these sources provide depends on their environment.

Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Living Things

Electric fields are present when there are positive or negative electric charges. They are the strongest when they are near a charged conductor like metal. Its strength is measured by volts per meter.

Electric fields from power lines have a reduced strength when there are walls or trees which have shielding capabilities. Plugging a device into an outlet makes electric fields surrounding the device. It does not need to be turned on in order for it to surround the device.

Magnetic fields are present from the movement of the electric charges. They are also strongest when they are close to the source and are only produced when a device is turned on and current flows.

Their strength is measured by amperes per meter. They do not get affected by walls or shields.

Electric and magnetic fields at low frequencies create small circulating currents in the body. The effects they have created are too minimal to see significant, immediate effects so they are passed off as harmless.

radiation is made up of waves of oscillating electrical and magnetic energy. They can be dangerous to life in that they can damage or destroy cells, whether immediate or by a slow mutation of genetic material.

The federal, state, and local authorities in the United States require that all activities related to electromagnetic radiation comply with their set of guidelines. These guidelines are for the protection of the workers and public.

The guidelines were approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration. It contains the levels that are tolerable to prevent adverse health effects.

The Hidden Truth of EMF Exposure

Did you know that companies in the telecommunication industry are very well-funded and are politically powerful?

The fact that exposure from cell phone towers affect human health has been hidden.

Ionizing radiation has enough electromagnetic energy to change the chemical reactions in the body. This type of radiation is from x-rays and gamma rays. That is why there is a shield surrounding the body during x-rays.

There are natural sources of radiation including visible light like sunlight, cosmic rays, and radioactivity in the body.

Non-ionizing radiation is in the lower part of the spectrum. This includes RFs, ELFs, microwave, ultraviolet light, and infrared light. Heating effects are generated with these waves. High exposure to these create health hazards.

You probably think that X-rays are more harmful than cell phones. You’re wrong.

Cell phone usage of 24 hours has the same effect of 1,600 chest X-rays. This is alarming. The effects of cell phones have been underestimated.

It has also been discovered through research that pulsed EMFs create more damaging effects than continuous waves. Wireless devices use pulsations, that is why it is not suggested to use these.  

Most cell phones have antennas attached inside or onto the phone. The antenna becomes close to the user’s head which creates more RF exposure than other types. Cordless telephones have a similar effect.

However, they have low power output and its transmission is not continuous.

The Top 5 Sources of Common Electromagnetic Field 

  1. Electric fields, which involves anything that has voltage. It affects the brain waves resulting in complications in the communication of neurons.
  2. Magnetic fields like the main power meter of your house.
  3. Power lines located everywhere, above or underground.
  4. Metal plumbing which can carry a current, especially when the metal is older.
  5. Wireless communications including cell phones, wireless routers, and cell towers.

How EMFs Affect Your Health

Is electromagnetic radiation harmful to humans? How do magnetic fields affect the human body?

These electromagnetic waves provide risks to human health in various ways.

The sources of these are electrical power lines, broadcast stations, cellular phones, cordless phones, radios, and microwave ovens.

Electrical Power Lines

Electrical power lines emit electromagnetic fields which have been a concern for a period of time. Each year, new studies are being made and their conclusions are conflicting.

A house is easy to shield against the electric field but is difficult to shield against a magnetic field. The power transmission lines should be buried to provide the least exposure, but this way is a more expensive one.

Broadcast Stations

Radio stations both AM and FM emit very high levels of radio frequency. Their antennas create power levels of high megawatts, which is absorbed by people even though these antennas are placed at a high place with no people near them.

A research from an Australian group has concluded that they have evidence regarding an increase in childhood leukemia for children living near broadcast station towers. However, follow up studies contradicted this conclusion.

Cellular Phones, Cordless Phones, and Radios

As mentioned, cellular phones whether cordless or not have antennas attached to the phone. These antennas are very close to a person’s head when he uses his phone causing high exposure of radio frequency.

Cordless phones are similar, but they have low radio frequency power output. Radios, specifically handheld ones are better since their transmission is not continuous. Using these kinds of radios provide low exposure since they are on push-to-talk mode.

Microwave Ovens

It is common for people to think that microwave ovens may cause cancer to the people operating it, and eat the food from it. They think that the food you put in the oven becomes toxic ones it is out.

This is not true since microwave ovens are associated with non-ionizing radiation which does not damage the molecules. There is no direct evidence of chemical changes aside from the changes caused by the heat which is the same in a normal oven.  

Microwave ovens create thermal energy for heat to be made. The level of radio frequency outside the oven is safe unless there is a leakage from a damaged part of the microwave’s door.

Other sources of EMF include X-rays, Gamma rays, infrared, and optical effects such as sunlight, lasers, and heat lamps.

EMF Exposure Symptoms

If you are sensitive to EMFs, you are at risk of experiencing these symptoms:

There are tiny electrical currents inside the body because of the chemical reactions for its functions. Both electric and magnetic fields affect the human body.

Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation On Living Things

Low-frequency magnetic fields create circulating currents inside the body which will depend on the strength of the field. A stronger magnetic field can affect the stimulation and processes of the nerves and muscles.

EMFs activate Voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) which are in the plasma membrane of all our cells. When VGCCs are activated, calcium flows into it.

An excess of this calcium creates the negative effects to the human body. You will also have an increase in nitric oxide which reacts negatively with superoxide.

Superoxide is increased because of the increase of calcium. These two make up what you call peroxynitrite which is a potent oxidant stressor which influences oxidative stress that causes chronic diseases.

However, not all oxidative stress does harm to the body. The pathways of nitric oxide and peroxynitrite actually inhibit each other, causing a decrease in damage from EMFs.  

EMFs affect a person’s nervous system, heart, reproductive system, and increases the risk of cancer.

Neuropsychiatric Effects

The most density of VGCCs are in the nervous system which causes changes in the neurons. Once the VGCCs are active in the brain, there will be a release of neurotransmitters and hormones.

People experience hypersensitivity to electric or magnetic fields. This may then lead to brain disorders such as anxiety, depression, autism, and Alzheimer’s.

Cardiac Effects

The pacemaker cells of the heart are very sensitive to EMFs. They have the most density of VGCCs which triggers heart complications. This includes cardiac arrhythmias, atrial flutter, heart palpitations, and a fast or slow heartbeat.

Reproductive Effects

The male testes contain lots of VGCCs. This leads to reduced fertility and sperm motility and viability. Low-level electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones give 8% and 9% reduction in sperm motility and viability, respectively. WiFi also plays a role in an increase in sperm DNA fragmentation.


Cancer is also one of the risks associated with EMF exposure because of mitochondrial damage. Some women carry their phones in their bras which increases the risk of breast cancer. Studies even suggest that there are increases in risk of leukemia in children with low frequency magnetic fields at home.

The excessive usage of cellphones to the ear can cause brain cancer. There are already two U.S. senators that have had brain cancer because of cellphones.

How to Lessen EMF Impact

As mentioned, oxidative stress is a product of EMFs which causes the different diseases and complications a person can get.

Luckily, there is something that can help regulate oxidative stress: Nuclear factor (erythroid-derived 2) like 2, also known as Nrf2.

Nrf2 is a protein that is the most important way to increase natural antioxidant defense. It is a protein that regulates the antioxidant proteins that prevent oxidative damage from inflammation or injury.

Nrf2 is beneficial because it upregulates the superoxide dismutase, catalase, and other antioxidants. It also lowers inflammation, stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis, and improves the function of the mitochondria.

Furthermore, it also detoxifies the body from toxic metals and activates the genes which have cytoprotective functions. These genes include the ones that are needed for synthesis of reduced glutathione, which is an essential antioxidant.

So, where can you get Nrf2 EMF protection?

Green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, and broccoli are sources. Spices like saffron, paprika, and turmeric are rich sources.

How to Reduce Exposure from EMFs

  1. Check for cell phone towers near your home (300 meters).  Cell phone towers are major concerns especially at a near distance which is about 300 meters. Driving around it can even get you exposed to radiation.
  2. Sleeping with the least exposure to EMFs. Unplug all devices when you sleep since they are not in use. Keep your cell phones, and other devices away from the bedroom if possible. Also, use a battery operated alarm clock since alarm clocks are near the head which can affect the body.
  3. Avoid cordless gadgets when not needed.  Cell phones are sources of exposure. Bluetooth devices such as headsets, mice, keyboards, baby monitors, and others are not recommended. It is best to use gadgets with the wires.
  4. Turn off the WiFi if not in use. Before sleeping, make sure to turn off the WiFi each night. If you are open to other alternatives, buy a hard wired router like a linksys cable with an ethernet installation starter kit. This makes you route the signal through your house which makes you use many devices without WiFi.
  5. Transformers should be used at a distance. Transformers convert high to low voltages. Alarm clocks usually have transformers inside it. They should be at least two feet away from your bed to prevent immediate exposure.


It is important to do everything you can to lessen the impact on EMF to the body.

There are EMF shielding products that protect the body. EMF shielding products for computers, cell phones, electrical sensitivity, and even male fertility are available.

Also reduce your exposure to EMF as much as possible. Since the home contains many sources of these fields, reducing EMFs in your home is a good start.

This can be done by using only what is needed and when it is needed. Television, microwave ovens, hair dryers, WiFi, and cell phones are just some of the many things we use everyday that affect us. We should be able to learn how to use these wisely.

Exposure to high levels of electromagnetic fields on humans triggers biological effects. Exposure to low levels in long durations of these may also have the same effect on the exposure to high levels.

Being exposed to EMFs causes the body to have a shortage of minerals and vitamins which may result in complications. Magnesium, selenium, and potassium are some of the minerals that are lost with EMF exposure. This is why it is also important to replenish these minerals for a better protection from EMFs.

Continuous researches and studies are being made regarding its effects on human health. Results may be confusing and contradicting, but it is best to be prepared and ready.

EMFs have become part of our daily lives. It is best to take precautionary measures and do everything to avoid and lessen the exposure and impact of these to maintain a healthy body.








Protection From EMF

Protection From EMFWhy is there a rise in the companies focusing on protection from EMF? I believe there is a huge need.

A company doesn’t simply put out an EMF protection device… years of study and testing goes into it.

There is a reason companies would go through the expense and time to do this.

The reason is outlined for you in this article.

Protection From EMF and pulsed fields

A (pulsed) magnetic field re-creates a (false) electromagnetic-field that by natural laws, everything must adapt to. Our bodies were once flowing in rhythm with the Schumann earth resonance and now are flowing with the chaotic man-made frequencies.

Unfortunately, not one biology class or even our medical schools have realized that the new pulsed magnetic field has changed everything about our biology. In short, our body no longer works like it did due to our sea of EMFs. These changes affect every single living thing on this planet.

No person is immune, no matter how strong his or her genetics or how much they avoid technology. The problem is, most people don’t realize they are changing because people experience that impact differently.

It is like we are a layered onion. Each layer is being slowly destroyed without our realizing what is happening. We have altered the magnetic field of our world and also within our own bodies.

Why Protection From EMF Is So Important

electromagnetic field protection pendantIn a pulsed magnetic field, people began to experience cognition problems and even a slower reaction time. How many times do you walk into a room and forget what you were going to do?

If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that you have had issues with brain fog at certain points.

I will also bet that those times were worse after spending long hours on your computer.

It is up to you to protect yourself and your family.

The government knew about the real effects long ago and kept quiet – they won’t come out now. You need to do everything you can to shield yourself.

Never should you rely on one EMF protector. I explain this in great detail throughout this website. To give you a snippet though, I believe in layered protection. The frequencies, modulations, and strengths are always changing.

Protection from EMF should be number one on your line of defense.

I have created my own protection from EMF for myself and my family because of a flaw I saw in all other EMF protection pieces.

I still institute as many EMF protection strategies that I can to keep the protection level as high as possible all around me. As you will read, this issue is not going to go away.

The Sea Of EMFs That Will Never Die

Crystal Protection From EMFThe EMFs live on in our ionosphere and what we have done has never happened before in human history.

The waves we have put out will never dissipate nor will they cease to exist. They will continue to become denser as we add more technology to our world.

As Einstein pointed out, ELFs and EMFs will never end. They will be disrupting your biological functions forever.

There is literally no doctor or scientist that can tell any of us how much energy our cells absorb. While there are a theory that places like our eyes and head get the most EMF impact, we don’t know that for sure. We don’t know what parts of our body are most affected.

Scientists have been raising the alarm for the past 50 years. It was found that man-made electromagnetic fields caused an increase in psychiatric problems. Look at what we are dealing with today.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are at an all time high. How many people do you know that you swear has a mental issue. I’m going to guess at least one.

More studies were carried out on animals with pulsed EMFs. Their brains were affected by cellular death but on autopsy, it was found the animals died from a protozoa infection.

The animals that were exposed to a pulsed field had the same protozoa as the animals that were not exposed. It was found that the non-pulsed animals were able to fight the infection while the pulsed animals succumbed to it.

Protection From EMF for youThe pulsed animals had an excess of cortisol (the flight or fight hormone) circulating in their blood. Excess cortisol is a problem in a large number of people in America.

Elevated levels of cortisol alters metabolism of glucose. The blood brain barrier and gut barrier becomes permeable to glucose and then glucose is unregulated by non-heating EMFs like the ones from a cell phone.

These studies were also done with other animals, like monkeys, with the same results. We are literally bathing in the sea of chronic stress one hundred percent of the time.

Look at the plethora of epidemic autoimmune disorders in humans. A hospital should be the last place you go. Your immune system has been compromised by EMFs.

If That Weren't Bad Enough...

The DOD (Department of Defense) began asking for studies on ELFs and EMFs starting in the 1990s. However, their own scientists were appointed to these committees and Voila! EMFs were announced as safe.

The EPA has not accessed the EMF levels in the U.S.A. since 1979. Isn’t that odd? They already know the answer.

There is never a shortage of news outlets and "new research" coming out full steam to refute the EMF damaging research that received a lot of publicity.

Case in point, cell phones cause brain tumors.  That was a huge research study that was quickly refuted by a lot of researchers that had interesting connections to "EMFs aren't dangerous" agencies.

Even with this, there were plenty more research that was done to back up the damage and cancer causing abilities of cell phones, but those didn't really make the news.

Technology and EMFs are not going away. It’s big business and we demand the productivity technology brings. Protection from EMF won’t negate the issues but they will help your chances of living a healthier life.

For this reason, you have to protect yourself and your children. We can’t escape it. It’s here to stay. Just make sure you are protected by Jak.


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