EMF Protection For Dogs

EMF protection for dogsThere is something few people have stopped to think about in the fight against EMFs and that is EMF protection for dogs.

All animals respond to the environment differently and they have different mechanisms to deal with something than we do. That’s the intelligence of nature.

But then man gets involved and there is nothing natural about man-made EMFs.

Pet dogs are living in about 35% of households in America. There are countless Instagram and Facebook pictures dedicated to the beloved man’s best friend. They even inherited the nickname “furbaby”. This shows how much a part of our family dogs are.

85% of dog owners take their pet to the vet 1.8x per year and the average vet bill was close to $100.

Diagnostic pet procedures and treatments are very expensive. The reality is that illness among dogs is growing fast, especially cancers.

There’s a lot of debate as to why this is.

EMFs don’t help the issue.

If Your Dog Poops On the Floor, You May Need EMF Protection For Dogs

emf protection for petsResearch revealed just how smart dogs are (again). Dogs go to the bathroom based on the direction of the magnetic field.

They align themselves at a North-South axis to go to the bathroom. This is during calm magnetic conditions. In the presence of strong and chaotic EMFs, they will not align themselves on a North-South axis.

If dog’s have been exposed to:

• EMFs at a young age• Strong EMFs for a prolonged period

• Have an overt or underlying physical or mental issue

They may have lost the ability to align north and south naturally.

Due to how our brain and body work, the Earth’s natural magnetic field will be overridden in our bodies, throwing off our natural rhythms and sense. Pets and animals are the same way.

There are EMF protection for dogs that work at blocking or reducing the field but the problem I have seen with these, is their ability to stay up with the evolving and changing technology. What works now, may not work in a couple of years. I still recommend these devices for your home though!

When I created Jak, I created the technology with the body in mind. Instead of working on the field or frequencies, it works on the biological body to help keep the immune system and cells stronger.

 EMF Exposure And Why EMF Protection For Dogs Is Needed

Get EMF protection for dogsIn fact, a connection between lymphoma and exposure to electromagnetic fields was found. It’s a lot easier to prove electromagnetic harm in dogs than it is humans. Dogs are confined to the same environment for the duration of their lives.

Dogs aren’t alone. Wildlife was studied and it was found that animals living around cell phone towers (which are everywhere – even in residential places and by schools) could suffer long-term health effects.

It is believed that their health declined, natural defenses were reduced, and reproduction problems occurred. Bats, birds (like sparrows) and rats avoided cell towers.

One article even felt that cell towers could be contributing to the decline of animals and the dying of plants near the towers.

Mice were found to exhibit a great degree of anxiety, panic, and stress in the presence of microwave radiation. Animals, like dogs (and humans) showed more aggression when exposed to EMFs. These symptoms abated when the EMFs were removed from the environment.

When exposed to EMFs, animal’s immune systems were affected, which increased their chance of getting diseases, infections, parasites, bacteria, or viruses.

Don't forget EMF protection for dogs- Their safety is just as important as ours.

emf protection for dogs and youI can’t stress the importance of arming yourself with protection. I don’t think you can ever have too much prevention in place. We are essential fighting an unseen and not yet fully understood war.

I’m here to make the world a better place and to make it better for future generations. The man made technologies we have produce EMFs that are trapped in our ionosphere and will never lessen or die. They will only build up.

It’s pretty scary when you think about it.

I don’t go anywhere without Jak. My car, house, wiring, computers and cell phones are all remediated. I turn off and unplug something when it is not in use. I use salt lamps, ozone, crystals, and diffused essential oils in my home.

Just as children look to us for protection so do our pets.  It's up to us as their caretakers to make sure they are safe and out of harms way. Jak can protect your pet too.

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