Electromagnetic Field Protection Jewelry


I've studied EMFs for the past 20 years.  Because of what I saw early on, I began to recommend electromagnetic field protection jewelry.

You know how the government and corporations are hiding the truth about the dangers of EMFs and we are left swimming in a dangerous ocean of man made radiation and electromagnetic energies?

I solve this.

I first created an EMF protector for my family and myself.  Over time people continued to ask me to make them one.

I finally agreed to make them for others after years of research and confirmation in their power.

Why You Should Choose Electromagnetic Field Protection Jewelry

electromagnetic field protection myombody.comI've been a serious researcher of EMFs for just about 2 decades.

My electromagnetic field protection jewelry has been in existence since 2003 after a lot of R&D and prototypes.

Heck, it didn't even start off as an EMF pendant, it started off as a whopping 1 foot tall device!

Like a fine wine, it got better with age or maybe my ideas did.

I saw a flaw with the other EMF protectors on the market and this is what originally caused me to make my own. The others address the man-made EM or EMR field.  *Let me say that it is good to address the environment around you because you help more than just yourself when you do that.

However, these devices can't stay up with the modulation changes, frequency, intensity or a combination of energies used to make our technology even greater.

I wasn't willing to risk this for myself or for my family.

How My Electromagnetic Field Protection Jewelry Is Different

Working in the genetics field, my focus is and has been on the body.  I am also a believer that with the right instruction, our body can be made to protect itself.

I just had to find out what those instructions were.  Once that was done, it didn't matter how technology changed once we biohacked the body.

I want you to meet Jak.  Jax is that technology.

Jak is a very special electromagnetic field protection jewelry piece.  Why jewelry?  It can be worn on you, discretely, wherever you go.

You may be like me.  I don't like to advertise openly that I hold non-mainstream beliefs.  Jak solved that for me.

It can be hung on a hook next to your bed at night to continue protection.

Most people have an affinity with Jak and they feel it working, even if it is close and not actually on their body.

The name Jak means strong in several language.  Very fitting.

Jak is powerful and you will NOT find anything else like it.  There are many elements that go into Jak.  It may look simplistic, but the creation and make-up are not. There have been zero corners cut with the production of my electromagnetic field protection jewelry and only the finest materials have been used.

Another Reason My Electromagnetic Field Protection Jewelry Is The Real Deal

Speaking of production.  Jak is not mass produced.  I value you more than that. I also value my life's work more than that.

I believe that if things continue with the increase in technology, humanity could very well cease to exist.  Paranoid?  Possibly.  I'm not willing to take the risk.  I'd rather be wrong than see this type of destruction.

Not only do EMFs affect humanity but everything will be (already is) negatively impacted.  This website talks about a lot of those issues.

All the man-made EMFs and EMRs are stuck in our ionosphere and will not lessen nor die.  This paints a grim picture, especially knowing how dangerous they are.

If I'm not here for any other reason, I have always felt the driving force to help humanity. I know part of my work is with EMF protection through electromagnetic field protection jewelry.

Jak can be used for yourself, your family (including your kids) and even your pets.  You need protection.

**UPDATE** While not exactly hard science, one Jak wearer had an aura picture done with and without Jak.  The time difference between the 2 photos was less than 1 minute.  The yellow/green picture on the left was without wearing Jak.  The orange/purple picture on the right was with wearing Jak.  The picture shows there was an immediate and drastic change in his auric field after putting Jak on.

electromagnetic field protection jewelry

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