Why Buy EMF Protection Devices?

buy emf protectorsSince the start of my research on EMFs almost 20 years ago, I have recommended that people buy EMF Protection devices.

Of course at the time, there were not a lot on the market to choose from. While more evidence has surfaced regarding the dangers of EMFs, one thing has remained the same, EMF protection is not only needed, it should be required.

The problem with EMF protection devices is that science cannot currently measure how they work. It is beyond the scope of modern science. The human body cannot even be fully measured because of this same reason. There is so much more to a beating heart than just the pumping action.

This is the exact principal that plants, herbs, acupuncture, and a ton of other alternative therapies work on. Because science cannot measure it, they claim it is a fraud, even though natural healing is one of the most popular subjects when it comes to healing the body.

There’s so much we don’t know, but there is also so much we do know.

Naysayers will not buy EMF Protection devices and they will remain unprotected. Unfortunately the next several generations will suffer from their decisions.

When you buy EMF protection devices, what happens?

emf protection devicesWhen you look at the make-up of the human body, you can start to see part of the picture. Your body is approximately 57% - 78% water – depending on your age and other factors.

Water is the matrix of life.  It shares substances, changes their structure, and its physical and chemical properties regulates life processes. Without water it is impossible for any form of life to exist because of the carbon and silicon component of water.

Water is the blood and lymph that supplies the cells and tissues with substances needed for necessary metabolism.  It also helps to remove waste products created from metabolism.

Water is vital for the existence of all living organisms. From ancient times, it was considered a primary source of life along with fire, air and land. Without water there would not be life on Earth.

All living things need water and this is important to understand why you should buy EMF protection.

Water is the most important part of plants and animals.

emf protection for my houseBecause of the high amount of water in our body (in some jellyfish its content reaches even 99%) imagine what would happen if water was not available. If water suddenly disappeared from the Earth's surface, it would become a lifeless planet.

Water is essential for normal activity of all life processes in the body: respiratory, circulatory, digestive, etc.

Many people think that water is pure inside the body, but that is not true.  Chemically pure water in the body does not exist. The water inside your body dissolves many substances: proteins, sugars, vitamins, and mineral salts.

You may have read the numerous studies or even books devoted to the healing properties of water.  These curative properties of water are related to its molecular structure. However, these properties disappear as soon as water structure is disturbed.

Water plays a crucial role in all your life processes not only as part of the cells and tissues of the body, but also as a medium in which various physiological transformations occur.

It's The Water- Why you should buy EMF protection devices.

Water is a thinking substance.

Can this be true?

Only water is found on Earth in all three states: solid, liquid and gas. In this case, the majority of its properties do not fit the general physical principles.

These anomalous properties of water have long attracted scientists, but only at the end of the twentieth century the veil on the mystery of water was lifted.

In the 1960’s an incident occurred in one of the research centers in Germany, and it has given many others the spark they needed to explore these new properties of water. A technician accidentally dropped a hermetically sealed tube with a potent poison into a container of distilled water.

Being afraid to admit his blunder, he left it in water.  He decided to remove it after all employees left, but as commonly happens in life, he forgot. After a few days the ampoule was found by someone else.

That water was then taken and subjected to the most careful chemical analysis and was found to be spotlessly clean. Because of the importance of what was done with this water, the company decided to make doubly sure.

They decided to give a little of this water to rats. Much to the amazement of the staff all the rats died.

How did the water take the deadly poisonous properties of a hermetically sealed vile that did NOT leak?  Scientists later learned that water stores the information about all substances that were in it in the form of electromagnetic waves.

It turns out that water has a special molecular structure, which changes if it is exposed to different things: chemical, mechanical, and electromagnetic energies.

Under this impact its molecules are able to change and to "remember" any information. The phenomenon of structural memory allows water to absorb, store and exchange environmental data that is light, sound, thought, and even words.

How EMF Protection Devices Can Help You

how to buy emf protectionRemember that saying, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me?” That’s untrue. Modern science has uncovered how much a growing fetus is impacted by the thoughts and words of the mother.

Like a living cell, which stores information about the entire body in its genetic code, each water molecule is capable of storing information about everything (seen and unseen).

The uniqueness of the structure of water is that it consists of cluster cells.  Each of these cluster cells represents a mini-computer, only much more sophisticated than even our modern technology.

In each memory cell of water (no larger than a micron) there are 44,000 information panels. These each corresponds to its own kind of interaction with the environment.

Scientists believe that in each memory cell of the water there is information that has already been stored and incorporated into the water structure.

Memory cells hold the key to EMF protection

And if you remember that your body consists of 57% - 78% of water, we can easily come to a why buy emf protection devicesconclusion: we are all programmable. Any external factors, including communication with one another changes the structure and biochemical composition of body fluids at the cellular level.

Without being aware of it every day, we program others and ourselves. Scientists confirmed this. Fatigue, bad mood, aggression, nervousness, and even many illnesses - all of these are the result of the negative impact of bioinformatics.

Remember this when someone asks you why you buy EMF Protection devices. Bioinformatics is how our body works. It’s also how our interaction with everything, including EMF and RF, is able to affect our body.

It is important to monitor what your environment is made up of (even your own self talk environment) to understand that it has a great impact on your body, your health and everything around you.

Even one small dose of a destructive element can poison everything that has at least a tiny bit of water content.

Can you imagine the impact that has on the planet! Some scientists believe that many storms, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters happen as a reaction of water pollution on the general energy-environment. This is how water returns the information embedded in it to us.

If you read my article on how EMF waves will never be lessened nor destroyed but will only build because they cannot escape our ionosphere, imagine what the future will look like with natural disasters as technology continues to evolve.

When you buy EMF protection devices and use them, the microcomputers inside your cells are reading them and integrating that information into your cells.

We are just beginning to scratch the surface on what EMF protectors can do and how they do it.


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