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EMF protection jewelryEMF shielding jewelry is one of the first lines of defense when it comes to protecting you and your family.

I love my iPhone, my Mac, and wireless internet. I like living in the modern age and exploring how much easier technology makes my life.

I’m a mother of 8 (1 is an angel baby in heaven though). I own my own business and I am busy. Technology helps me get more done in one day and allows me to stay connected to my friends, family, and the world.

While I love technology and all the benefits it brings, there is a dark side to this technology that remains very elusive to the public. I’ve been studying, tracking and measuring the health hazard of radiation for almost 20 years now.

EMF Protection Jewelry

I’ve heard the arguments. I’ve read thousands of research studies from all over the world and there’s enough evidence that there is a detrimental biological effect of electromagnetic fields that I have been protecting my family and myself for years.

My work is in genetics. My life is about DNA and how genes express.  I am concerned about DNA fragmentation happening upon exposure of human cells to non-thermal electromagnetic fields.

Non-thermal electromagnetic fields come from cell phones, computers, tablets, smart watches, and every day appliances.

In my opinion, there are no safety limits for exposure without any protection, like EMF shielding jewelry, to help in reducing the electromagnetic field.

Wearable EMF Protection For Electromagnetic Radiation And Health

EMF Shielding Jewelry for youNot all EMFs are bad. There are natural and man-made EMF fields. If you are looking to buy EMF shielding jewelry, you probably already know this. In case you don’t, I’m going to give you a brief picture of how your body reacts with EMFs.

The Earth has its own electromagnetic radiation. This helps your body because your body has both an electric and magnetic components to its nature.

The Earth’s own natural electromagnetic helps to feed your electromagnetic system. This helps to give us all life and keeps us healthy.

There was a study done where healthy, young college students were placed underground and completely shielded from natural EMFs. They quickly became sick. After returning to natural EMF exposure above ground, they became well again.

This was repeated with a different set of healthy, young college students and the same exact thing occurred. Natural EMFs keep us healthy.

Man-made EMFs have the opposite effect. Instead of building the body up, it tears it down. They can break chemical bonds within our cells that weaken the cells integrity.  They pass the blood brain barrier and can have a detrimental on the way your body works.

If EMFs Are So Bad Why Isn’t Everyone Sick?  Everyone is not wearing EMF Pendants or Neutralizers...

EMF Shielding JewelryThere are a couple of reasons for this. I believe it comes down to genetics. More specifically, how genes express and what triggers them to turn on and off. How people’s genes are used makes a big difference in how sensitive someone is to EMFs.

Beyond the normal gene expression is methylation. Methylation affects how your genes express. Methylation can mask a gene and prevent a cell from even reading it. Good genes or genes required to keep our body stable or healthy can be masked by methylation.

Methylation is believed to be the cause of premature aging, autoimmune diseases, cancer and even electromagnetic hypersensitivity or food sensitivity.

Genes can change 20% in a 10 year period. That can equal hundreds of thousands of gene expression changes in a decade.

This may be why at 30 years of age you feel great but you start to feel the aging effects at 40.

Depending on your parent’s methylation, you may or may not have more methylation than the next person. Also, how your mom ate during her pregnancy has an affect on the many methylations you have from birth.

Our environment also affects your methylation. A study showed that identical twins, sharing the same exact genes, showed differences in methylation due to their environment.

Several studies have already indicated radiation-induced epigenetic changes including DNA methylation and miRNA expression where miRNA profiles have been shown to be associated with cancer (Jones and Baylin 2007, Tunali and Tiryakioglu 2010, Aypar et al. 2011a, 2011b).

Why We Can't Wait For Someone To Tell Us The Truth About Electrosensitivity?

emf protection necklaceSo many people are waiting for the ruling government agencies to come out and say that electrosensitivity is real and EMFs are dangerous and harmful, but I doubt that will happen for many, many years. Government is a business. Technology is a business. Technology rules our modern world.

Unfortunately people call B.S. on health hazards until the government officially recognizes something.  That's okay. They can.  In the meantime, the rest of us will work on remaining as protected as possible.

Think about this...

What would happen if the government came out and said that EMFs and radiation were actually bad? Our entire world would have to be regulated and modified. Many people are not willing to give up their creature comforts no matter how bad they are – think McDonald’s Big Mac or even cigarettes.

So it’s up to us to take precautions and to protect our family. The start is with personal protection like EMF shielding jewelry.

The Loophole I found in EMF protection devices

EMF protection necklaceI’ve bought a lot of products and most of them do work at reducing the electromagnetic field or absorbing EMF fields to a certain degree, but there is a limit as to how long the protectors will stay relevant in today’s ever changing technology.

This concerned me.  I never wanted to think I was protected enough, only to find out that wasn't true so I set out to solve that problem.

Because of this, I created my own personal EMF, EMR, RF, ELF, VLF, and other forms of ionizing radiation and non ionizing radiation protection based on my years of research.

To me the answer wasn’t to address the fields, rays, frequency or a signal, the answer was how those forms interacted with our own body (and our pet’s too).

Knowing we are electric and magnetic by nature, this was the component I was most interested in. This all fell into place with my focus on genetics and epigenetics.

Certain people, depending on genetics and their environment, will never have electro sensitivities while many more will. The answer is held in the body not the radiation itself.

I wish we, as researchers and scientists, knew more about why things affected our bodies, but we don’t. We can only show the affects something has and make educated guesses on the rest.

Our body is so complex, intuitive, and interconnected we don’t even know all there is to know about the heart, liver or even our connective tissue much less about how an EMF protector works on the physical body.

Is this an EMF shielding jewelry necklace?

No, it doesn't shield, block, harmonize or absorb the energies.  This EMF protection necklace works on your biological body to make it stronger, despite the presence of those fields.

People have reported the following:

• Aggression drops.• Kids behave better and some even have reported better grades.

• Adults feel calmer. I know people sleep better.

• Some people report that it feels like they have more control over their lives.

• Some have also reported better absorption of their food and having to take less supplements (yes, your environment affects digestion and absorption).

• A couple people have said their ADD/ADHD and autistic symptoms feel better.

This is, of course, anecdotal. People's experience. This is not claiming cures.

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