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buy electromagnetic radiation protectionWhen you buy electromagnetic radiation protection, you’re helping to reduce the negative and serious impact that EMFs have on your body.

Your body is an incredible communication machine where everything communicates with each other. At the heart of this communication are very fine and sensitive bio-electrical receivers and transmitters.

Think of the tuning dial on a radio to find your favorite song on the radio.

When you get close to a radio antenna with a ringing cell phone, you hear static. That same thing is happening inside your body. It’s not just from cell phones though. This is happening from all forms of electromagnetic energy.

Because everything works on such a subtle level, you may not realize that a cell phone protection device is working. Some people ask if it is worth it.

My Opinion: You Should Buy Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

In my opinion, I can never have enough protection. The more research that comes forth, the more I realize I am not willing to take chances of NOT being protected.

We can’t wait for our government agencies to come out and say that cell phones are dangerous because their liability would be huge; especially with the amount of internal documents and repressed studies that have been released to the public.

Sadly, there is a long list of cover ups. 🙁

Buy Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Before More Of The Truth Comes Out

Buy now - buy electromagnetic radiation protectionIn 2014, the CDC changed their position and issued a warning about cell phone dangers, “ We recommend caution in cellphone use”.   That official statement was deleted off their website a few weeks later.

A buff off statement can now be found in its place with a sidebar notation explaining why the information had changed.

Cellphones were released to the public in the 1980’s (cue the brick phone). By the 1990’s the public interest grew. Now, most people only have cell phones and no longer land lines in their homes.

A study put out by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) acknowledged that heavy cell phone users had about a double risk of glioma after using a cell phone for 10 years. Glioma is an often fatal brain tumor.

What did the IARC consider heavy cell phone use? 2.5 hours per month. Not per day… per month. A 2014 study showed that on average, people used their cell phone for about 34 hours per month. What do you think that number is now?

In 2011, the WHO (World Health Organization) stated that cell phones were a Class 2B Carcinogen. Which means that cell phones are possibly cancer causing.

buy electromagnetic radiation protection and childrenIt’s not just adults using cell phones, kids and even babies are often seen watching movies or playing on parent’s cell phones.

While all of this are very vague warnings from official agencies, it is enough to warrant caution in cell phone use.

While most of the media is bought and paid for, sometimes they are able to slip through the truth. The New York Times had access to internal records of about 500 pages that showed the CDC covered up a lot of information about cell phones in their research.

These documents also showed how the CDC was trying to backpedal their original official statement about cell phone dangers.

Dr. Portier, who was head of the CDC when the retraction started stated, “with enough information to say caution isn’t ill advised, because we really don’t know, and there are enough indicators to say we should be cautious.”

Dr. Davis Warns About EMF Dangers - Buy Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Now

Dr. Devra Davis, is one of the most credentialed, respected researcher and authority the dangers of cellphones. She addresses the cellphone dangers as this,

“ … [A] cellphone is a two-way microwave radio,’ Dr. Davis pointed out. “Industry has fought successfully to use the phrase ‘radiofrequency energy’ instead of microwave radiation. Because they know radiofrequency energy sounds fine.

We listen to music with radios. Everybody needs more energy. What could be better than that?

But radiofrequency energy is another word for microwave radiation. If people understood that they were holding a two-way microwave-radiating device next to their brain or next to their reproductive organs, they might think differently about it.”

Protect Future Generations 

emf protection for houseDr. Davis continues to warn about the radiation risk to pregnant women and their growing baby.  This is a very important reason to buy electromagnetic radiation protection!

Animal studies show that cell phone radiation causes:

• Altered DNA

• Learning disabilities

• Spinal cord problems

• Altered brain metabolism

buy electromagnetic radiation protection for pregnancyChildren’s brains are more receptive to radiation than adults. Their skull is thin and they contain much more liquid to absorb and amplify the radiation.

Pregnant women are not the only ones that should be concerned about their future babies.

In a 2013 meeting of the top universities’ leading experts reported, “During the 2013 discussion “Cell Phones & Wi-Fi — Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk?,” leading experts from top universities further reported the risk to men:

“There is a direct relationship between duration of cell phone use and sperm count decline. Sperm count is reduced by half in men who carry cell phones in their pants pockets for four hours per day. The motility of the sperm is also impaired.

The testicular barrier, that protects sperm, is the most sensitive of tissues in the body, and is 100x more absorbent. Besides sperm count and function, the mitochondrial DNA of sperm are damaged 3x more if exposed to cell phone radiation.

… DNA mutations have been linked more to damage on the male side in research from Iceland, the assumption being that male sperm is more vulnerable than female eggs, which are more protected. Mutations increase with the age of the father, and more autism and schizophrenia increase with the age of the father.”

Now that you know why protection is so important…

It’s time to buy electromagnetic radiation protection

Meet Jak. This is the latest in EMF protection devices. I found a flaw in many on the market and wanted to provide a solution to the flaws.

With my work in genetics, I knew the answer could be found with addressing the body instead of trying to remediate, reduce, harmonize or negate the field energies.

You see, technology is always changing and becoming more powerful. In doing that the frequencies change. What works for one technology usually cannot work on the new frequencies but by addressing the physical body, the changes in signals, strengths, lengths or even modulation no longer was of concern.

Jak is a labor of love. It’s sleek, sexy, and powerful. This should be worn by men, women, children and even pets.

After You Buy Electromagnetic Radiation Protection, What Next?

There are several things you can do to protect yourself:

where to buy electromagnetic radiation protection• Make sure your children have a personal EMF protection device and do not let them use any wifi-enabled electronics to cut down on unnecessary risks.

• Don’t use your cell phone when not necessary. Turn it off when not in use. Even if you aren’t talking on it or aren’t on the internet, it is emitting radiation intermittently. This applies to all wireless devices.

• Turn your wireless router off at night. At night your body regenerates. Studies have shown that EMFs disrupt your sleep and regeneration.

• Do not carry your cell phone in your bra or pocket.

I met a woman that was dying of breast cancer. When she was switched to MD Anderson, the first question that she was asked is if she carried her cell phone in her bra.

Her tumor was right where her cell phone was always placed. She questioned a lot but in the end she didn't want to believe that we had been lied to and cell phones were killing people.  She sadly died.

You don’t want your cell phone in your shirt pocket by your heart or in your pants pocket by your reproductive organs.

There are no safe cell phones so don’t believe the hype.

Here are a few recommendations that you can do right now:

• Buy electromagnetic radiation protection (Like Jak) and protect yourself and your family.

• Make sure your cell phones are remediated and use a hollow wired air-tube headset (see end of the post). These have proven to cut down the radiation traveling to your head.

• Don’t place laptops or tablets on your lap.

• Make your bedroom EMF proof by removing all electronic devices. You can use a windup clock or even a water powered clock for an alarm.

• Don’t put your bed against an outlet.

• I really do recommend people move if they live right next to a cell tower. They are just too powerful to chance.

• Use house remediation devices.

• Don’t have a smart meter installed for your electricity. If you do, there is a DIY remedy for this that works well. See Video.

• Make sure you “earth” by walking barefoot outside every day. This discharges excess radiation and energy in your body.

• Make use of salt lamps and essential oil vaporizers; these all help to put negative ions in the air and reduce EMFs.


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