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www.myombody buy EMF protectionYou know the harm that EMFs and EMR can cause. It’s why you are looking to buy electromagnetic protection. It’s for good reason.

A breaking news story was just resurfaced again about an EMF issue that just came to the forefront: Staff and students say a building is causing cancer at University of California San Diego.

This is not a new issue. In fact, it has been thoroughly documented. WHO (World Health Organization), The California National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and also recruited Dr. Leeka Kheifets, past head of the Radiation Studies Program for WHO became involved in researching this matter.

During 1991-2008 breast cancer became a concern in the UCSD building.

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Cancer risks are 4-5x greater by working in that building. Students and teachers want the building shut down. It’s been a sore spot for the university for years.

People at UCSD are circulating a new petition to have additional studies done and asking that the people who work in the building to be transferred to another safer location. None of that has occurred yet.

The original study commissioned by UCSD was undertaken in 2009 and found that the breast cancer was 4-5x greater than for people that did not work in the building.

This year (2016) two more people working in the building were also diagnosed with breast cancer.

UCSD has released a statement saying that they are concerned about the safety and health of everyone who works in the building and that is why they commissioned the study.

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The results of the study are as follows:

In a written report, Dr. Garland noted the elevator equipment on the first floor of the building as a source of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and concluded that "there is a possibility of a mild to modest increase in risk of breast cancer associated with a very small area of the first floor building in very close proximity to the electrical and elevator equipment rooms."

 The report also stated that exposure to EMF "is unlikely to be a principal cause of breast cancer that has been diagnosed in people who have worked in this small area."

To make sure all other aspects that affect health were ruled out, toxins, mold, chemicals, water, and radioisotopes were considered but not found to be the cause.

Leeka Kheifets Page 2 7/13/2009 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A cancer cluster has been reported in the Literature Building. Cases were reported through the Department of Literature, based mainly on self-reports.

Dr. Cedric Garland investigated this apparent cancer cluster and determined that there were about 4-5 times more cases than expected based on the incidence in the California general population. After considering some other exposures, Dr. Garland focused on (electromagnetic fields) EMF as a culprit, particularly on the fields generated by the centrally located elevator.

The Field Management Services (FMS) undertook an Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) magnetic field survey of areas adjacent to electrical facilities, which support operation of hydraulic elevators in the Literature Building.

While some peak values of 44 and 96 mG were recorded, all measurements in the areas, which people occupy, were very low. As expected, fields decay rapidly within 4 to 6 feet of the peak value and become less than 1- 2 mG throughout most areas of the building.

The More I Hear From Dr. Kheifets The More I Want To Shout From The Rooftops, "Buy EMF Protection - As Much As You Can!"

Seriously.  It's not a marketing gimmick because I have created my own EMF protection.  It's a "Im tired of people downplaying what they already know is killing people!" I created mine exactly for that reason.

Look, you don't have to buy mine.  I'm perfectly supportive of people that buy any and all EMF protectors.  I was saying the same exact thing before I even created Jak.  I'm that passionate about protection.

Obviously Dr. Leeka Kheifets was against the notion that the EMFs cause the breast cancer (remember she formally was in charge of the Radiation Studies Program at WHO), she went on to add some insult to injury…

“Often a first step in cluster evaluation is a calculation of the probability that the increase is due to chance alone.

 However, even when an increase appears to be unusual interpretation is difficult. This difficulty is known as a Texas sharpshooter fallacy.

 The name comes from a story about a Texan who fires several shots at the side of a barn, then paints a target centered on the hits and claims to be a sharpshooter.”

Did She JUST Say That?!

buy emf protectorsIs it just me or was that explanation a little off putting? Research studies are supposed to be unbiased. When human life is being discussed, comparisons like that generally should not appear in a research paper.

If several people have the same issue occurring but science can’t tell me what IS causing the issue, I’m going to side with the people and err on the side of caution.

Just from my life alone, I’ve learned that anything gets very sticky when it comes to government. It isn’t cut and dry.

I’ve found it’s up to me to be proactive in my own life instead of allowing institutions to control my life. I’d rather them be a passenger than a driver in my car.

I know first and foremost that I am going to have my life as my focus and institutions will have their best interest as their focus.

Plus, the EMF cover up I believe has gone too far. If everything were to come out, what would happen? There would be a lot of responsibility on the people that lied to us. Our society would break down really fast and people still wouldn’t give up their creature comforts.

Are You Going To Buy Electromagnetic Protection?

• Where are you at?

• What do you believe?

• Are you waiting for a government group or institution to tell you what you already know?

• Are you willing to be wrong and arm yourself with protection that may not be needed or will you feel better being proactive for working to save the wellbeing of your spouse, kids, and even parents?

If you are reading my blog, you know how I feel. I protect my family and myself. I tell others to do the same in as many ways as I can.

I have for years.  I care what is and will happen to humanity.

If you are like me then you want to buy electromagnetic protection that works.

I’ll tell you a secret.

Most of the EMF protection on the markets work. I also say that if anyone tells you they have the silver bullet and their product is all you need, run.

You need to do as much as you can to protect against the EMF and EMR dangers.

Technology is always being created, recreated and changing. The problem I found is that most of the devices couldn’t keep up with the change of technology. It’s like buying a computer and then finding out a couple of years later it is obsolete but you didn’t know that until you tried to find repair parts for it.

My studies into this have went almost two decades. With my profession in genetics, I knew the answer was held in the body, not the field.

Out of this came a personal EMF protection like no other.  I had to create it for myself and my family.  I wanted to know they were protected where ever they went.  I wouldn't risk it.

Buy electromagnetic protection now.


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