EMF EMR detectorsEMF EMR detectors are popular ways to tell how much radiation you are swimming in. People usually find they are drawn to EMF EMR detectors when they have some unexplained health problems.

Technology has brought convenience. It is addicting to have anything you want to know at the tips of your fingers. Staying in touch with the world is definitely easier. I’ve met people from around the world that I would never have met were it not for the Internet.

But this convenience comes with the price of health.

Mankind (and all Earth’s inhabitants) has existed with very low levels of natural radiation. This radiation is needed for good health. It supports our body.

However, in the past 100 years alone, our exposure to radiation has far exceeded low or healthy doses.

You may have come to learn about EMF detectors through first reading an article about cellphone dangers.

Cell phone radiation causes tumors and severe health problems. But with a combination of airtube earphones, limited use, and EMF protectors, we can control the impact cell phone have on our health.

Even if you don’t have a cell phone, you are still being bombarded with background radiation at health harming levels.

What An EMF EMR Detector Can Tell You.

EMF EMR detectorWhere are the hazardous EMFs in your home?

• Wifi – this includes your own, your neighbors, local businesses, and even your city. Many cities are now wireless cities so people can freely use the internet without having to have their own connection. Your place of work usually comes with a big dose of radiation.

• Cell Phones, cell towers, and even cordless phones. Cell towers emit a very strong field that has a 360 degree exposure. Plus cell phones are used as repeaters and “repeat” the cell tower signal.

• Power Lines. This runs electricity to your house. Sometimes they are above or below ground.

• Computers, laptops and televisions. Don’t forget e-readers and iPad type of devices.

• Electrical wiring through your house.

• Appliances, including your electric water heater, kitchen appliances and beauty appliances like blow dryers.

EMF EMR Detectors Can Alert You To These Health Problems

The BioInitiative Report, published in 2007, determined that the current standards for EMF safety were not enough to protect the health of people.

electromagnetic field protection jewelry

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Here is a list of health consequences due to EMF and RF exposure:

• Depresses immune system

• Induces stress in the body

• Affects your brain and behavior

• Increases risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

• Known to cause cancers such as breast cancer and Leukemia.

• Damages DNA

• Impacts gene expression

Are EMF EMR Detectors Needed?

EMF EMR DetectorsI have an EMF tester. Before there was a lot of information available, I tested everything and it shocked me. I was literally in a wireless soup everywhere I went! It was maddening.

So of course, I bought a bunch of EMF EMR detectors and I literally felt overwhelmed by the environment I was living and working in.

Did this type of environment cause my son to be born with tumors? Possibly. I knew I needed to fix it.

In today’s world, there is so much information available now about EMFs and our environment that you don’t need to invest in an EMF meter to know that they are surrounding you and harming you.

It gets kind of frustrating when you have these readings and a lot of the EMF protectors out on the market won’t change the readings.

Does that mean they don’t work? No, it doesn’t. They operate in a different manner. Some things like EMF shielding will reduce the reading, but most EMF protectors work on a level that an EMF reader can’t pick up. A reader can only measure a couple sources of energy but EMFs have several aspects to them.

So don’t get hung up on what the readings say, buy various forms of protection to keep your health where it should be.

Buying EMF EMR Detectors Can Be Tricky

know your EMF scoreThere are so many things to measure and options. For example:

• Electric fields

• Radiofrequency fields

• Magnetic fields

• DC

• 60 Hz

• Microwave



• Analog

• Digital

• Single axis

• Three axis

• Audible signal

This is a lot for someone to take in for the first time.  Unless you are going pro with EMF detection, you need an accurate device that can return easy to read results.  Here are my top 2 favorite for ease of use and accuracy.

Here is what I recommend, and they are currently available on Amazon.

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[easyazon_link identifier=”B00859WTQQ” locale=”US” tag=”goodhealtandh-20″]Advanced – FW Bell 4180 AC Gaussmeter[/easyazon_link]

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EMF Protection Device Review