EMF Protection Devices

I get asked all the time, “Does XYZ brand of EMF protection devices work?” There’s a lot out on the market. That’s for sure.

I’ve even been approached by Chinese manufactures that mass-produce jewelry that is then sold on the worldwide (including the USA) market as an EMF protector.

While I haven’t tested those, I’m assuming they don’t work like the sales copy on the webpages state. They are trying to cash in on a trend instead of offering any real products to the marketplace.

EMF Protection Devices and what to look for

Just because something has a fancy symbol on it doesn’t mean they are good EMF protection devices.

If you’ve been in the medical field for awhile, you get to know that research studies really don’t mean very much except to the people paying for the study.

Meaning the study is usually always skewed. That doesn’t mean something doesn’t work, it only means that you shouldn’t rely on impressive looking research.

Drug companies have tons of research to back up their products and still the side effects can be dangerous and cures don’t happen. Research should not be a deciding factor on choosing EMF protection devices.

That being said there are some really good EMF protectors on the market. I know there are people in the EMF space that make claims that EMF protection devices do not work. They’ve tried them for their symptoms, their symptoms persisted and they gave up on EMF protectors.

What's the need for EMF Protection devices

After all my research for the past 20 years and with my career in genetics, I do know that there is more to EMF sensitivity than just EMFs.

First of all, there are certain methylations that happen that cause you to be extra sensitive to EMFs. There are many factors that can cause these methylations. Stress, abuse, your mom’s pregnancy with you, a poor diet, environmental toxins, etc. Interestingly enough, EMFs can cause methylation as well.

It’s my experience that if your methylations are causing EMF sickness, it’s because you have quite a few methylations on MTHFR genes. This is a compounded effect with the cause being a multitude of things, not just one.

Once you become sensitive, you have certain genes expressing and you are also probably leptin and possibly insulin resistant. EMFs disrupt your hormonal, cellular, and genetic balance.

Those aren’t going to go away by using EMF protection. You need to use EMF protection and then work on repairing and reseting your body so the sickness goes away and can stay away.

What Does Work With EMF Protection Devices?

There are chips, diodes, stickers, EMF bracelets, EMF necklaces, harmonizers that plugin, computer programs, and USB resonators.

Most people that are seeking out EMF protection devices want to protect or preserve their health.

Some devices are scams but a lot aren’t.

I’m not quick to say that people falsify testimonies. I do know that in the internet marketing world you can buy testimonies of any product you are using for as little as $5.

But, that’s a stretch for someone that has put in years of research, more years of development, and a lot of money. Buying testimonials is simply not needed because people have tested prototypes for years before the actual product hit the market.
I really don’t put a lot of credit into the placebo theory. Yes, in genetics there are people that have genes that make them more susceptible to influence than others. Our thoughts have power and our belief has even more power.

If people carry a religious symbol to remind them they are protected and remember to be a good person and they get the results from their belief, I’m not going to pick apart their results and deny it on the basis of it's just "placebo". Something worked even if we don’t understand the mechanism that caused it to work.

Science calls something a placebo when it doesn’t understand the mechanism for which something works. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work.

If someone is given an anti-diabetic pill and it is a sugar pill, but they have better A1C scores, do you think they care when they find out it is a placebo? No. They try to talk their diabetic friends into take a sugar pill in hopes that it works equally well for them.

I know other people feel differently, but that’s my stance being on the inside of the medical field and seeing miracles happen that defy odds all the time.

Can Fake EMF Protection Devices Be Dangerous?

Not really.

If you follow my advice, I advocate layered forms of protection. Don't ever put all your eggs in one basket. Pile it on because technology is ever changing. And guess what? The companies don’t let us know when they have upgraded their power stations or changed their frequencies or modulations.

Plus, what works 100% for some person, may not work to that degree on another.

I do agree with the EMF protection naysayers that you have to respect your body and nature. The best prevention is as little interaction with EMFs as possible.

You can cut down your EMF exposure and even live as unplugged from the grid as possible. That helps.

There is background radiation and EMFs stuck in our atmosphere that will never reduce or disappear that will impact you as long as you are living on this earth. So arm yourself with as much protection as you can despite what the naysayers will tell you.

To sum it all up, EMF Protection devices do work and serve as an additional element to help you in your fight against EMF dangers.


The stakes are very high. Human beings are bioelectrical systems. Our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body.

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Most living things are fantastically sensitive to small EMF exposures. But man-made electromagnetic exposures aren’t normal.

They are artificial with unusual intensities, signaling characteristics, pulsing patterns, and wave forms, that don’t exist in nature. And they can misdirect cells in multiple ways.