EMF Protection Device Review

[snapreviews post='226' section='title']There are so many EMF Protection devices out there that I thought I would give you the results of the Jak EMF protection device review.

I have had my head down in research and development for the past few years so I thought I would see what people were saying about other EMF protection devices.

What I found was shocking.  I have not looked at what is on the market in a long time.

EMF Protection DeGoogle literally has returned 75,200 search results for EMF protection devices!

That's a lot of EMF protection!  It's also makes things very confusing when it comes to knowing what to buy.

An EMF Protection Device Review That Matters

Every product will market itself as protecting you from EMFs.  You will hear words and marketing terms that make a product seem impressive.

In the end, it all comes down to what people say.  Social proof is everything.

This is why people trust places like Amazon so much.  You know other people have bought the products and will give you the low down with a real EMF protection device review.

I value the opinions of other when it comes to choosing Jak for your personal protection. I thought I'd let you read some honest Jak EMF protection device reviews.  You'll read what people liked and what they didn't like about Jak.

Jak EMF Protection Device Review - Pros & Cons


EMF protection devices


Electromagnetic Field Protection Jewelry


I've studied EMFs for the past 20 years.  Because of what I saw early on, I began to recommend electromagnetic field protection jewelry.

You know how the government and corporations are hiding the truth about the dangers of EMFs and we are left swimming in a dangerous ocean of man made radiation and electromagnetic energies?

I solve this.

I first created an EMF protector for my family and myself.  Over time people continued to ask me to make them one.

I finally agreed to make them for others after years of research and confirmation in their power.

Why You Should Choose Electromagnetic Field Protection Jewelry

electromagnetic field protection myombody.comI've been a serious researcher of EMFs for just about 2 decades.

My electromagnetic field protection jewelry has been in existence since 2003 after a lot of R&D and prototypes.

Heck, it didn't even start off as an EMF pendant, it started off as a whopping 1 foot tall device!

Like a fine wine, it got better with age or maybe my ideas did.

I saw a flaw with the other EMF protectors on the market and this is what originally caused me to make my own. The others address the man-made EM or EMR field.  *Let me say that it is good to address the environment around you because you help more than just yourself when you do that.

However, these devices can't stay up with the modulation changes, frequency, intensity or a combination of energies used to make our technology even greater.

I wasn't willing to risk this for myself or for my family.

How My Electromagnetic Field Protection Jewelry Is Different

Working in the genetics field, my focus is and has been on the body.  I am also a believer that with the right instruction, our body can be made to protect itself.

I just had to find out what those instructions were.  Once that was done, it didn't matter how technology changed once we biohacked the body.

I want you to meet Jak.  Jax is that technology.

Jak is a very special electromagnetic field protection jewelry piece.  Why jewelry?  It can be worn on you, discretely, wherever you go.

You may be like me.  I don't like to advertise openly that I hold non-mainstream beliefs.  Jak solved that for me.

It can be hung on a hook next to your bed at night to continue protection.

Most people have an affinity with Jak and they feel it working, even if it is close and not actually on their body.

The name Jak means strong in several language.  Very fitting.

Jak is powerful and you will NOT find anything else like it.  There are many elements that go into Jak.  It may look simplistic, but the creation and make-up are not. There have been zero corners cut with the production of my electromagnetic field protection jewelry and only the finest materials have been used.

Another Reason My Electromagnetic Field Protection Jewelry Is The Real Deal

Speaking of production.  Jak is not mass produced.  I value you more than that. I also value my life's work more than that.

I believe that if things continue with the increase in technology, humanity could very well cease to exist.  Paranoid?  Possibly.  I'm not willing to take the risk.  I'd rather be wrong than see this type of destruction.

Not only do EMFs affect humanity but everything will be (already is) negatively impacted.  This website talks about a lot of those issues.

All the man-made EMFs and EMRs are stuck in our ionosphere and will not lessen nor die.  This paints a grim picture, especially knowing how dangerous they are.

If I'm not here for any other reason, I have always felt the driving force to help humanity. I know part of my work is with EMF protection through electromagnetic field protection jewelry.

Jak can be used for yourself, your family (including your kids) and even your pets.  You need protection.

**UPDATE** While not exactly hard science, one Jak wearer had an aura picture done with and without Jak.  The time difference between the 2 photos was less than 1 minute.  The yellow/green picture on the left was without wearing Jak.  The orange/purple picture on the right was with wearing Jak.  The picture shows there was an immediate and drastic change in his auric field after putting Jak on.

electromagnetic field protection jewelry

••••••• Photo is untouched and without filters

Buy Jak now.

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Protection From EMF

Protection From EMFWhy is there a rise in the companies focusing on protection from EMF? I believe there is a huge need.

A company doesn’t simply put out an EMF protection device… years of study and testing goes into it.

There is a reason companies would go through the expense and time to do this.

The reason is outlined for you in this article.

Protection From EMF and pulsed fields

A (pulsed) magnetic field re-creates a (false) electromagnetic-field that by natural laws, everything must adapt to. Our bodies were once flowing in rhythm with the Schumann earth resonance and now are flowing with the chaotic man-made frequencies.

Unfortunately, not one biology class or even our medical schools have realized that the new pulsed magnetic field has changed everything about our biology. In short, our body no longer works like it did due to our sea of EMFs. These changes affect every single living thing on this planet.

No person is immune, no matter how strong his or her genetics or how much they avoid technology. The problem is, most people don’t realize they are changing because people experience that impact differently.

It is like we are a layered onion. Each layer is being slowly destroyed without our realizing what is happening. We have altered the magnetic field of our world and also within our own bodies.

Why Protection From EMF Is So Important

electromagnetic field protection pendantIn a pulsed magnetic field, people began to experience cognition problems and even a slower reaction time. How many times do you walk into a room and forget what you were going to do?

If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that you have had issues with brain fog at certain points.

I will also bet that those times were worse after spending long hours on your computer.

It is up to you to protect yourself and your family.

The government knew about the real effects long ago and kept quiet – they won’t come out now. You need to do everything you can to shield yourself.

Never should you rely on one EMF protector. I explain this in great detail throughout this website. To give you a snippet though, I believe in layered protection. The frequencies, modulations, and strengths are always changing.

Protection from EMF should be number one on your line of defense.

I have created my own protection from EMF for myself and my family because of a flaw I saw in all other EMF protection pieces.

I still institute as many EMF protection strategies that I can to keep the protection level as high as possible all around me. As you will read, this issue is not going to go away.

The Sea Of EMFs That Will Never Die

Crystal Protection From EMFThe EMFs live on in our ionosphere and what we have done has never happened before in human history.

The waves we have put out will never dissipate nor will they cease to exist. They will continue to become denser as we add more technology to our world.

As Einstein pointed out, ELFs and EMFs will never end. They will be disrupting your biological functions forever.

There is literally no doctor or scientist that can tell any of us how much energy our cells absorb. While there are a theory that places like our eyes and head get the most EMF impact, we don’t know that for sure. We don’t know what parts of our body are most affected.

Scientists have been raising the alarm for the past 50 years. It was found that man-made electromagnetic fields caused an increase in psychiatric problems. Look at what we are dealing with today.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are at an all time high. How many people do you know that you swear has a mental issue. I’m going to guess at least one.

More studies were carried out on animals with pulsed EMFs. Their brains were affected by cellular death but on autopsy, it was found the animals died from a protozoa infection.

The animals that were exposed to a pulsed field had the same protozoa as the animals that were not exposed. It was found that the non-pulsed animals were able to fight the infection while the pulsed animals succumbed to it.

Protection From EMF for youThe pulsed animals had an excess of cortisol (the flight or fight hormone) circulating in their blood. Excess cortisol is a problem in a large number of people in America.

Elevated levels of cortisol alters metabolism of glucose. The blood brain barrier and gut barrier becomes permeable to glucose and then glucose is unregulated by non-heating EMFs like the ones from a cell phone.

These studies were also done with other animals, like monkeys, with the same results. We are literally bathing in the sea of chronic stress one hundred percent of the time.

Look at the plethora of epidemic autoimmune disorders in humans. A hospital should be the last place you go. Your immune system has been compromised by EMFs.

If That Weren't Bad Enough...

The DOD (Department of Defense) began asking for studies on ELFs and EMFs starting in the 1990s. However, their own scientists were appointed to these committees and Voila! EMFs were announced as safe.

The EPA has not accessed the EMF levels in the U.S.A. since 1979. Isn’t that odd? They already know the answer.

There is never a shortage of news outlets and "new research" coming out full steam to refute the EMF damaging research that received a lot of publicity.

Case in point, cell phones cause brain tumors.  That was a huge research study that was quickly refuted by a lot of researchers that had interesting connections to "EMFs aren't dangerous" agencies.

Even with this, there were plenty more research that was done to back up the damage and cancer causing abilities of cell phones, but those didn't really make the news.

Technology and EMFs are not going away. It’s big business and we demand the productivity technology brings. Protection from EMF won’t negate the issues but they will help your chances of living a healthier life.

For this reason, you have to protect yourself and your children. We can’t escape it. It’s here to stay. Just make sure you are protected by Jak.


EMF Protection Devices

Buy Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

Buy Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

buy electromagnetic radiation protectionWhen you buy electromagnetic radiation protection, you’re helping to reduce the negative and serious impact that EMFs have on your body.

Your body is an incredible communication machine where everything communicates with each other. At the heart of this communication are very fine and sensitive bio-electrical receivers and transmitters.

Think of the tuning dial on a radio to find your favorite song on the radio.

When you get close to a radio antenna with a ringing cell phone, you hear static. That same thing is happening inside your body. It’s not just from cell phones though. This is happening from all forms of electromagnetic energy.

Because everything works on such a subtle level, you may not realize that a cell phone protection device is working. Some people ask if it is worth it.

My Opinion: You Should Buy Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

In my opinion, I can never have enough protection. The more research that comes forth, the more I realize I am not willing to take chances of NOT being protected.

We can’t wait for our government agencies to come out and say that cell phones are dangerous because their liability would be huge; especially with the amount of internal documents and repressed studies that have been released to the public.

Sadly, there is a long list of cover ups. 🙁

Buy Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Before More Of The Truth Comes Out

Buy now - buy electromagnetic radiation protectionIn 2014, the CDC changed their position and issued a warning about cell phone dangers, “ We recommend caution in cellphone use”.   That official statement was deleted off their website a few weeks later.

A buff off statement can now be found in its place with a sidebar notation explaining why the information had changed.

Cellphones were released to the public in the 1980’s (cue the brick phone). By the 1990’s the public interest grew. Now, most people only have cell phones and no longer land lines in their homes.

A study put out by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) acknowledged that heavy cell phone users had about a double risk of glioma after using a cell phone for 10 years. Glioma is an often fatal brain tumor.

What did the IARC consider heavy cell phone use? 2.5 hours per month. Not per day… per month. A 2014 study showed that on average, people used their cell phone for about 34 hours per month. What do you think that number is now?

In 2011, the WHO (World Health Organization) stated that cell phones were a Class 2B Carcinogen. Which means that cell phones are possibly cancer causing.

buy electromagnetic radiation protection and childrenIt’s not just adults using cell phones, kids and even babies are often seen watching movies or playing on parent’s cell phones.

While all of this are very vague warnings from official agencies, it is enough to warrant caution in cell phone use.

While most of the media is bought and paid for, sometimes they are able to slip through the truth. The New York Times had access to internal records of about 500 pages that showed the CDC covered up a lot of information about cell phones in their research.

These documents also showed how the CDC was trying to backpedal their original official statement about cell phone dangers.

Dr. Portier, who was head of the CDC when the retraction started stated, “with enough information to say caution isn’t ill advised, because we really don’t know, and there are enough indicators to say we should be cautious.”

Dr. Davis Warns About EMF Dangers - Buy Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Now

Dr. Devra Davis, is one of the most credentialed, respected researcher and authority the dangers of cellphones. She addresses the cellphone dangers as this,

“ … [A] cellphone is a two-way microwave radio,’ Dr. Davis pointed out. “Industry has fought successfully to use the phrase ‘radiofrequency energy’ instead of microwave radiation. Because they know radiofrequency energy sounds fine.

We listen to music with radios. Everybody needs more energy. What could be better than that?

But radiofrequency energy is another word for microwave radiation. If people understood that they were holding a two-way microwave-radiating device next to their brain or next to their reproductive organs, they might think differently about it.”

Protect Future Generations 

emf protection for houseDr. Davis continues to warn about the radiation risk to pregnant women and their growing baby.  This is a very important reason to buy electromagnetic radiation protection!

Animal studies show that cell phone radiation causes:

• Altered DNA

• Learning disabilities

• Spinal cord problems

• Altered brain metabolism

buy electromagnetic radiation protection for pregnancyChildren’s brains are more receptive to radiation than adults. Their skull is thin and they contain much more liquid to absorb and amplify the radiation.

Pregnant women are not the only ones that should be concerned about their future babies.

In a 2013 meeting of the top universities’ leading experts reported, “During the 2013 discussion “Cell Phones & Wi-Fi — Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk?,” leading experts from top universities further reported the risk to men:

“There is a direct relationship between duration of cell phone use and sperm count decline. Sperm count is reduced by half in men who carry cell phones in their pants pockets for four hours per day. The motility of the sperm is also impaired.

The testicular barrier, that protects sperm, is the most sensitive of tissues in the body, and is 100x more absorbent. Besides sperm count and function, the mitochondrial DNA of sperm are damaged 3x more if exposed to cell phone radiation.

… DNA mutations have been linked more to damage on the male side in research from Iceland, the assumption being that male sperm is more vulnerable than female eggs, which are more protected. Mutations increase with the age of the father, and more autism and schizophrenia increase with the age of the father.”

Now that you know why protection is so important…

It’s time to buy electromagnetic radiation protection

Meet Jak. This is the latest in EMF protection devices. I found a flaw in many on the market and wanted to provide a solution to the flaws.

With my work in genetics, I knew the answer could be found with addressing the body instead of trying to remediate, reduce, harmonize or negate the field energies.

You see, technology is always changing and becoming more powerful. In doing that the frequencies change. What works for one technology usually cannot work on the new frequencies but by addressing the physical body, the changes in signals, strengths, lengths or even modulation no longer was of concern.

Jak is a labor of love. It’s sleek, sexy, and powerful. This should be worn by men, women, children and even pets.

After You Buy Electromagnetic Radiation Protection, What Next?

There are several things you can do to protect yourself:

where to buy electromagnetic radiation protection• Make sure your children have a personal EMF protection device and do not let them use any wifi-enabled electronics to cut down on unnecessary risks.

• Don’t use your cell phone when not necessary. Turn it off when not in use. Even if you aren’t talking on it or aren’t on the internet, it is emitting radiation intermittently. This applies to all wireless devices.

• Turn your wireless router off at night. At night your body regenerates. Studies have shown that EMFs disrupt your sleep and regeneration.

• Do not carry your cell phone in your bra or pocket.

I met a woman that was dying of breast cancer. When she was switched to MD Anderson, the first question that she was asked is if she carried her cell phone in her bra.

Her tumor was right where her cell phone was always placed. She questioned a lot but in the end she didn't want to believe that we had been lied to and cell phones were killing people.  She sadly died.

You don’t want your cell phone in your shirt pocket by your heart or in your pants pocket by your reproductive organs.

There are no safe cell phones so don’t believe the hype.

Here are a few recommendations that you can do right now:

• Buy electromagnetic radiation protection (Like Jak) and protect yourself and your family.

• Make sure your cell phones are remediated and use a hollow wired air-tube headset (see end of the post). These have proven to cut down the radiation traveling to your head.

• Don’t place laptops or tablets on your lap.

• Make your bedroom EMF proof by removing all electronic devices. You can use a windup clock or even a water powered clock for an alarm.

• Don’t put your bed against an outlet.

• I really do recommend people move if they live right next to a cell tower. They are just too powerful to chance.

• Use house remediation devices.

• Don’t have a smart meter installed for your electricity. If you do, there is a DIY remedy for this that works well. See Video.

• Make sure you “earth” by walking barefoot outside every day. This discharges excess radiation and energy in your body.

• Make use of salt lamps and essential oil vaporizers; these all help to put negative ions in the air and reduce EMFs.


Buy Electronic Field Protection Jewelry

EMF Protection For Dogs

EMF protection for dogsThere is something few people have stopped to think about in the fight against EMFs and that is EMF protection for dogs.

All animals respond to the environment differently and they have different mechanisms to deal with something than we do. That’s the intelligence of nature.

But then man gets involved and there is nothing natural about man-made EMFs.

Pet dogs are living in about 35% of households in America. There are countless Instagram and Facebook pictures dedicated to the beloved man’s best friend. They even inherited the nickname “furbaby”. This shows how much a part of our family dogs are.

85% of dog owners take their pet to the vet 1.8x per year and the average vet bill was close to $100.

Diagnostic pet procedures and treatments are very expensive. The reality is that illness among dogs is growing fast, especially cancers.

There’s a lot of debate as to why this is.

EMFs don’t help the issue.

If Your Dog Poops On the Floor, You May Need EMF Protection For Dogs

emf protection for petsResearch revealed just how smart dogs are (again). Dogs go to the bathroom based on the direction of the magnetic field.

They align themselves at a North-South axis to go to the bathroom. This is during calm magnetic conditions. In the presence of strong and chaotic EMFs, they will not align themselves on a North-South axis.

If dog’s have been exposed to:

• EMFs at a young age• Strong EMFs for a prolonged period

• Have an overt or underlying physical or mental issue

They may have lost the ability to align north and south naturally.

Due to how our brain and body work, the Earth’s natural magnetic field will be overridden in our bodies, throwing off our natural rhythms and sense. Pets and animals are the same way.

There are EMF protection for dogs that work at blocking or reducing the field but the problem I have seen with these, is their ability to stay up with the evolving and changing technology. What works now, may not work in a couple of years. I still recommend these devices for your home though!

When I created Jak, I created the technology with the body in mind. Instead of working on the field or frequencies, it works on the biological body to help keep the immune system and cells stronger.

 EMF Exposure And Why EMF Protection For Dogs Is Needed

Get EMF protection for dogsIn fact, a connection between lymphoma and exposure to electromagnetic fields was found. It’s a lot easier to prove electromagnetic harm in dogs than it is humans. Dogs are confined to the same environment for the duration of their lives.

Dogs aren’t alone. Wildlife was studied and it was found that animals living around cell phone towers (which are everywhere – even in residential places and by schools) could suffer long-term health effects.

It is believed that their health declined, natural defenses were reduced, and reproduction problems occurred. Bats, birds (like sparrows) and rats avoided cell towers.

One article even felt that cell towers could be contributing to the decline of animals and the dying of plants near the towers.

Mice were found to exhibit a great degree of anxiety, panic, and stress in the presence of microwave radiation. Animals, like dogs (and humans) showed more aggression when exposed to EMFs. These symptoms abated when the EMFs were removed from the environment.

When exposed to EMFs, animal’s immune systems were affected, which increased their chance of getting diseases, infections, parasites, bacteria, or viruses.

Don't forget EMF protection for dogs- Their safety is just as important as ours.

emf protection for dogs and youI can’t stress the importance of arming yourself with protection. I don’t think you can ever have too much prevention in place. We are essential fighting an unseen and not yet fully understood war.

I’m here to make the world a better place and to make it better for future generations. The man made technologies we have produce EMFs that are trapped in our ionosphere and will never lessen or die. They will only build up.

It’s pretty scary when you think about it.

I don’t go anywhere without Jak. My car, house, wiring, computers and cell phones are all remediated. I turn off and unplug something when it is not in use. I use salt lamps, ozone, crystals, and diffused essential oils in my home.

Just as children look to us for protection so do our pets.  It's up to us as their caretakers to make sure they are safe and out of harms way. Jak can protect your pet too.

Protection from EMFs

Buy Electromagnetic Protection

www.myombody buy EMF protectionYou know the harm that EMFs and EMR can cause. It’s why you are looking to buy electromagnetic protection. It’s for good reason.

A breaking news story was just resurfaced again about an EMF issue that just came to the forefront: Staff and students say a building is causing cancer at University of California San Diego.

This is not a new issue. In fact, it has been thoroughly documented. WHO (World Health Organization), The California National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and also recruited Dr. Leeka Kheifets, past head of the Radiation Studies Program for WHO became involved in researching this matter.

During 1991-2008 breast cancer became a concern in the UCSD building.

buy electromagnetic protection necklace

Cancer risks are 4-5x greater by working in that building. Students and teachers want the building shut down. It’s been a sore spot for the university for years.

People at UCSD are circulating a new petition to have additional studies done and asking that the people who work in the building to be transferred to another safer location. None of that has occurred yet.

The original study commissioned by UCSD was undertaken in 2009 and found that the breast cancer was 4-5x greater than for people that did not work in the building.

This year (2016) two more people working in the building were also diagnosed with breast cancer.

UCSD has released a statement saying that they are concerned about the safety and health of everyone who works in the building and that is why they commissioned the study.

Buy Electromagnetic Protection To Give Yourself A Fighting Chance

The results of the study are as follows:

In a written report, Dr. Garland noted the elevator equipment on the first floor of the building as a source of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and concluded that "there is a possibility of a mild to modest increase in risk of breast cancer associated with a very small area of the first floor building in very close proximity to the electrical and elevator equipment rooms."

 The report also stated that exposure to EMF "is unlikely to be a principal cause of breast cancer that has been diagnosed in people who have worked in this small area."

To make sure all other aspects that affect health were ruled out, toxins, mold, chemicals, water, and radioisotopes were considered but not found to be the cause.

Leeka Kheifets Page 2 7/13/2009 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A cancer cluster has been reported in the Literature Building. Cases were reported through the Department of Literature, based mainly on self-reports.

Dr. Cedric Garland investigated this apparent cancer cluster and determined that there were about 4-5 times more cases than expected based on the incidence in the California general population. After considering some other exposures, Dr. Garland focused on (electromagnetic fields) EMF as a culprit, particularly on the fields generated by the centrally located elevator.

The Field Management Services (FMS) undertook an Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) magnetic field survey of areas adjacent to electrical facilities, which support operation of hydraulic elevators in the Literature Building.

While some peak values of 44 and 96 mG were recorded, all measurements in the areas, which people occupy, were very low. As expected, fields decay rapidly within 4 to 6 feet of the peak value and become less than 1- 2 mG throughout most areas of the building.

The More I Hear From Dr. Kheifets The More I Want To Shout From The Rooftops, "Buy EMF Protection - As Much As You Can!"

Seriously.  It's not a marketing gimmick because I have created my own EMF protection.  It's a "Im tired of people downplaying what they already know is killing people!" I created mine exactly for that reason.

Look, you don't have to buy mine.  I'm perfectly supportive of people that buy any and all EMF protectors.  I was saying the same exact thing before I even created Jak.  I'm that passionate about protection.

Obviously Dr. Leeka Kheifets was against the notion that the EMFs cause the breast cancer (remember she formally was in charge of the Radiation Studies Program at WHO), she went on to add some insult to injury…

“Often a first step in cluster evaluation is a calculation of the probability that the increase is due to chance alone.

 However, even when an increase appears to be unusual interpretation is difficult. This difficulty is known as a Texas sharpshooter fallacy.

 The name comes from a story about a Texan who fires several shots at the side of a barn, then paints a target centered on the hits and claims to be a sharpshooter.”

Did She JUST Say That?!

buy emf protectorsIs it just me or was that explanation a little off putting? Research studies are supposed to be unbiased. When human life is being discussed, comparisons like that generally should not appear in a research paper.

If several people have the same issue occurring but science can’t tell me what IS causing the issue, I’m going to side with the people and err on the side of caution.

Just from my life alone, I’ve learned that anything gets very sticky when it comes to government. It isn’t cut and dry.

I’ve found it’s up to me to be proactive in my own life instead of allowing institutions to control my life. I’d rather them be a passenger than a driver in my car.

I know first and foremost that I am going to have my life as my focus and institutions will have their best interest as their focus.

Plus, the EMF cover up I believe has gone too far. If everything were to come out, what would happen? There would be a lot of responsibility on the people that lied to us. Our society would break down really fast and people still wouldn’t give up their creature comforts.

Are You Going To Buy Electromagnetic Protection?

• Where are you at?

• What do you believe?

• Are you waiting for a government group or institution to tell you what you already know?

• Are you willing to be wrong and arm yourself with protection that may not be needed or will you feel better being proactive for working to save the wellbeing of your spouse, kids, and even parents?

If you are reading my blog, you know how I feel. I protect my family and myself. I tell others to do the same in as many ways as I can.

I have for years.  I care what is and will happen to humanity.

If you are like me then you want to buy electromagnetic protection that works.

I’ll tell you a secret.

Most of the EMF protection on the markets work. I also say that if anyone tells you they have the silver bullet and their product is all you need, run.

You need to do as much as you can to protect against the EMF and EMR dangers.

Technology is always being created, recreated and changing. The problem I found is that most of the devices couldn’t keep up with the change of technology. It’s like buying a computer and then finding out a couple of years later it is obsolete but you didn’t know that until you tried to find repair parts for it.

My studies into this have went almost two decades. With my profession in genetics, I knew the answer was held in the body, not the field.

Out of this came a personal EMF protection like no other.  I had to create it for myself and my family.  I wanted to know they were protected where ever they went.  I wouldn't risk it.

Buy electromagnetic protection now.


Electromagnetic field protection jewelry

Why Buy EMF Protection Devices?

buy emf protectorsSince the start of my research on EMFs almost 20 years ago, I have recommended that people buy EMF Protection devices.

Of course at the time, there were not a lot on the market to choose from. While more evidence has surfaced regarding the dangers of EMFs, one thing has remained the same, EMF protection is not only needed, it should be required.

The problem with EMF protection devices is that science cannot currently measure how they work. It is beyond the scope of modern science. The human body cannot even be fully measured because of this same reason. There is so much more to a beating heart than just the pumping action.

This is the exact principal that plants, herbs, acupuncture, and a ton of other alternative therapies work on. Because science cannot measure it, they claim it is a fraud, even though natural healing is one of the most popular subjects when it comes to healing the body.

There’s so much we don’t know, but there is also so much we do know.

Naysayers will not buy EMF Protection devices and they will remain unprotected. Unfortunately the next several generations will suffer from their decisions.

When you buy EMF protection devices, what happens?

emf protection devicesWhen you look at the make-up of the human body, you can start to see part of the picture. Your body is approximately 57% - 78% water – depending on your age and other factors.

Water is the matrix of life.  It shares substances, changes their structure, and its physical and chemical properties regulates life processes. Without water it is impossible for any form of life to exist because of the carbon and silicon component of water.

Water is the blood and lymph that supplies the cells and tissues with substances needed for necessary metabolism.  It also helps to remove waste products created from metabolism.

Water is vital for the existence of all living organisms. From ancient times, it was considered a primary source of life along with fire, air and land. Without water there would not be life on Earth.

All living things need water and this is important to understand why you should buy EMF protection.

Water is the most important part of plants and animals.

emf protection for my houseBecause of the high amount of water in our body (in some jellyfish its content reaches even 99%) imagine what would happen if water was not available. If water suddenly disappeared from the Earth's surface, it would become a lifeless planet.

Water is essential for normal activity of all life processes in the body: respiratory, circulatory, digestive, etc.

Many people think that water is pure inside the body, but that is not true.  Chemically pure water in the body does not exist. The water inside your body dissolves many substances: proteins, sugars, vitamins, and mineral salts.

You may have read the numerous studies or even books devoted to the healing properties of water.  These curative properties of water are related to its molecular structure. However, these properties disappear as soon as water structure is disturbed.

Water plays a crucial role in all your life processes not only as part of the cells and tissues of the body, but also as a medium in which various physiological transformations occur.

It's The Water- Why you should buy EMF protection devices.

Water is a thinking substance.

Can this be true?

Only water is found on Earth in all three states: solid, liquid and gas. In this case, the majority of its properties do not fit the general physical principles.

These anomalous properties of water have long attracted scientists, but only at the end of the twentieth century the veil on the mystery of water was lifted.

In the 1960’s an incident occurred in one of the research centers in Germany, and it has given many others the spark they needed to explore these new properties of water. A technician accidentally dropped a hermetically sealed tube with a potent poison into a container of distilled water.

Being afraid to admit his blunder, he left it in water.  He decided to remove it after all employees left, but as commonly happens in life, he forgot. After a few days the ampoule was found by someone else.

That water was then taken and subjected to the most careful chemical analysis and was found to be spotlessly clean. Because of the importance of what was done with this water, the company decided to make doubly sure.

They decided to give a little of this water to rats. Much to the amazement of the staff all the rats died.

How did the water take the deadly poisonous properties of a hermetically sealed vile that did NOT leak?  Scientists later learned that water stores the information about all substances that were in it in the form of electromagnetic waves.

It turns out that water has a special molecular structure, which changes if it is exposed to different things: chemical, mechanical, and electromagnetic energies.

Under this impact its molecules are able to change and to "remember" any information. The phenomenon of structural memory allows water to absorb, store and exchange environmental data that is light, sound, thought, and even words.

How EMF Protection Devices Can Help You

how to buy emf protectionRemember that saying, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me?” That’s untrue. Modern science has uncovered how much a growing fetus is impacted by the thoughts and words of the mother.

Like a living cell, which stores information about the entire body in its genetic code, each water molecule is capable of storing information about everything (seen and unseen).

The uniqueness of the structure of water is that it consists of cluster cells.  Each of these cluster cells represents a mini-computer, only much more sophisticated than even our modern technology.

In each memory cell of water (no larger than a micron) there are 44,000 information panels. These each corresponds to its own kind of interaction with the environment.

Scientists believe that in each memory cell of the water there is information that has already been stored and incorporated into the water structure.

Memory cells hold the key to EMF protection

And if you remember that your body consists of 57% - 78% of water, we can easily come to a why buy emf protection devicesconclusion: we are all programmable. Any external factors, including communication with one another changes the structure and biochemical composition of body fluids at the cellular level.

Without being aware of it every day, we program others and ourselves. Scientists confirmed this. Fatigue, bad mood, aggression, nervousness, and even many illnesses - all of these are the result of the negative impact of bioinformatics.

Remember this when someone asks you why you buy EMF Protection devices. Bioinformatics is how our body works. It’s also how our interaction with everything, including EMF and RF, is able to affect our body.

It is important to monitor what your environment is made up of (even your own self talk environment) to understand that it has a great impact on your body, your health and everything around you.

Even one small dose of a destructive element can poison everything that has at least a tiny bit of water content.

Can you imagine the impact that has on the planet! Some scientists believe that many storms, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters happen as a reaction of water pollution on the general energy-environment. This is how water returns the information embedded in it to us.

If you read my article on how EMF waves will never be lessened nor destroyed but will only build because they cannot escape our ionosphere, imagine what the future will look like with natural disasters as technology continues to evolve.

When you buy EMF protection devices and use them, the microcomputers inside your cells are reading them and integrating that information into your cells.

We are just beginning to scratch the surface on what EMF protectors can do and how they do it.


EMF Shielding Jewelry



EMF Shielding Jewelry – Get Protection Now

EMF protection jewelryEMF shielding jewelry is one of the first lines of defense when it comes to protecting you and your family.

I love my iPhone, my Mac, and wireless internet. I like living in the modern age and exploring how much easier technology makes my life.

I’m a mother of 8 (1 is an angel baby in heaven though). I own my own business and I am busy. Technology helps me get more done in one day and allows me to stay connected to my friends, family, and the world.

While I love technology and all the benefits it brings, there is a dark side to this technology that remains very elusive to the public. I’ve been studying, tracking and measuring the health hazard of radiation for almost 20 years now.

EMF Protection Jewelry

I’ve heard the arguments. I’ve read thousands of research studies from all over the world and there’s enough evidence that there is a detrimental biological effect of electromagnetic fields that I have been protecting my family and myself for years.

My work is in genetics. My life is about DNA and how genes express.  I am concerned about DNA fragmentation happening upon exposure of human cells to non-thermal electromagnetic fields.

Non-thermal electromagnetic fields come from cell phones, computers, tablets, smart watches, and every day appliances.

In my opinion, there are no safety limits for exposure without any protection, like EMF shielding jewelry, to help in reducing the electromagnetic field.

Wearable EMF Protection For Electromagnetic Radiation And Health

EMF Shielding Jewelry for youNot all EMFs are bad. There are natural and man-made EMF fields. If you are looking to buy EMF shielding jewelry, you probably already know this. In case you don’t, I’m going to give you a brief picture of how your body reacts with EMFs.

The Earth has its own electromagnetic radiation. This helps your body because your body has both an electric and magnetic components to its nature.

The Earth’s own natural electromagnetic helps to feed your electromagnetic system. This helps to give us all life and keeps us healthy.

There was a study done where healthy, young college students were placed underground and completely shielded from natural EMFs. They quickly became sick. After returning to natural EMF exposure above ground, they became well again.

This was repeated with a different set of healthy, young college students and the same exact thing occurred. Natural EMFs keep us healthy.

Man-made EMFs have the opposite effect. Instead of building the body up, it tears it down. They can break chemical bonds within our cells that weaken the cells integrity.  They pass the blood brain barrier and can have a detrimental on the way your body works.

If EMFs Are So Bad Why Isn’t Everyone Sick?  Everyone is not wearing EMF Pendants or Neutralizers...

EMF Shielding JewelryThere are a couple of reasons for this. I believe it comes down to genetics. More specifically, how genes express and what triggers them to turn on and off. How people’s genes are used makes a big difference in how sensitive someone is to EMFs.

Beyond the normal gene expression is methylation. Methylation affects how your genes express. Methylation can mask a gene and prevent a cell from even reading it. Good genes or genes required to keep our body stable or healthy can be masked by methylation.

Methylation is believed to be the cause of premature aging, autoimmune diseases, cancer and even electromagnetic hypersensitivity or food sensitivity.

Genes can change 20% in a 10 year period. That can equal hundreds of thousands of gene expression changes in a decade.

This may be why at 30 years of age you feel great but you start to feel the aging effects at 40.

Depending on your parent’s methylation, you may or may not have more methylation than the next person. Also, how your mom ate during her pregnancy has an affect on the many methylations you have from birth.

Our environment also affects your methylation. A study showed that identical twins, sharing the same exact genes, showed differences in methylation due to their environment.

Several studies have already indicated radiation-induced epigenetic changes including DNA methylation and miRNA expression where miRNA profiles have been shown to be associated with cancer (Jones and Baylin 2007, Tunali and Tiryakioglu 2010, Aypar et al. 2011a, 2011b).

Why We Can't Wait For Someone To Tell Us The Truth About Electrosensitivity?

emf protection necklaceSo many people are waiting for the ruling government agencies to come out and say that electrosensitivity is real and EMFs are dangerous and harmful, but I doubt that will happen for many, many years. Government is a business. Technology is a business. Technology rules our modern world.

Unfortunately people call B.S. on health hazards until the government officially recognizes something.  That's okay. They can.  In the meantime, the rest of us will work on remaining as protected as possible.

Think about this...

What would happen if the government came out and said that EMFs and radiation were actually bad? Our entire world would have to be regulated and modified. Many people are not willing to give up their creature comforts no matter how bad they are – think McDonald’s Big Mac or even cigarettes.

So it’s up to us to take precautions and to protect our family. The start is with personal protection like EMF shielding jewelry.

The Loophole I found in EMF protection devices

EMF protection necklaceI’ve bought a lot of products and most of them do work at reducing the electromagnetic field or absorbing EMF fields to a certain degree, but there is a limit as to how long the protectors will stay relevant in today’s ever changing technology.

This concerned me.  I never wanted to think I was protected enough, only to find out that wasn't true so I set out to solve that problem.

Because of this, I created my own personal EMF, EMR, RF, ELF, VLF, and other forms of ionizing radiation and non ionizing radiation protection based on my years of research.

To me the answer wasn’t to address the fields, rays, frequency or a signal, the answer was how those forms interacted with our own body (and our pet’s too).

Knowing we are electric and magnetic by nature, this was the component I was most interested in. This all fell into place with my focus on genetics and epigenetics.

Certain people, depending on genetics and their environment, will never have electro sensitivities while many more will. The answer is held in the body not the radiation itself.

I wish we, as researchers and scientists, knew more about why things affected our bodies, but we don’t. We can only show the affects something has and make educated guesses on the rest.

Our body is so complex, intuitive, and interconnected we don’t even know all there is to know about the heart, liver or even our connective tissue much less about how an EMF protector works on the physical body.

Is this an EMF shielding jewelry necklace?

No, it doesn't shield, block, harmonize or absorb the energies.  This EMF protection necklace works on your biological body to make it stronger, despite the presence of those fields.

People have reported the following:

• Aggression drops.• Kids behave better and some even have reported better grades.

• Adults feel calmer. I know people sleep better.

• Some people report that it feels like they have more control over their lives.

• Some have also reported better absorption of their food and having to take less supplements (yes, your environment affects digestion and absorption).

• A couple people have said their ADD/ADHD and autistic symptoms feel better.

This is, of course, anecdotal. People's experience. This is not claiming cures.

Sleek, sexy and powerful EMF devices for your whole family

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