JAK Genetics & EMF Protection

Reconnect to the power of your body through our Jak Genetics and EMF Protection devices.  We are focused on exploring and protecting the power of you. If you are on a quest to uncover your strengths, weaknesses and to learn how to biohack your body, you are in the right place.  Concerned about the impact of EMFs?  So are we and we are doing something about it.

Today's environment is unnaturally chaotic. Thanks to pollution and our modern "plugged in" world, it is unnatural and has significant implications to our genes. Our sleep, mood, hormones, immune system, weight management, and overall well-being are negatively affected.

Humans (animals and ALL life) have evolved to live according to the natural rhythms of the earth. Everything responds mentally, emotionally, and physically to these rhythms around us. Today, we live in a world in which our sleep/wake cycles are easily disrupted. We often feel groggy in the morning, lethargic during the day, and restless at night. Disease and chronic illness is at an all time high. Children area now being diagnosed with disease previously associated with adults.

While we don't have all the answers, we have a lot. Through 20+ years of investigative research, working with clients all over the world, and the availability of personal genetic testing companies like 23andme, we have uncovered some amazing biohacking information.

We are a mix of Tim Ferriss, Drs. Mercola and Axe, biohacking, research science, deep investigation, spirit, and a little bit of non-mainstream information. You won't ever hear from us - "Oh, just take more methylB12 for your methylation problems." We go much deeper than that.

You don't have to accept your genetic "fate" (there is none) or your environment. There is something you can do to feel like you have control over your body, your aging, and your health.

Genome Analysis & EMF Protection

You Are More Than The Genes You Were Born With

Our bodies respond to electrons in our environment: gene expression, aging, releasing hormones that control our body processes - physiology, sleep, metabolism, behavior, and mood.

Based on over 20 years of scientific research from NASA, Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical School, and other scientific studies, we deliver information intended to optimize your health.

We created JAK Genetic Services and EMF Protection to help you -

Take control of your health and wellbeing
Get off the latest fad treadmill and understand what is right for you
Know your weaknesses and strengthes
Feel more in control
Improve health: manage weight, reduce stress, increase antioxidant levels, and boost immune system

Why Do You Need To Know Your Genes?

The US spends more on health care than any other nation on earth, yet we have worse health than any of our peer countries. This will continue as long as we continue to ignore the many interrelated social, economic and environmental factors that work together to undermine it.

Many people are scared to find out if they carry the Alzheimer's gene or breast cancer, for instance. The reality is that just because you carry a gene does NOT mean that you will ever manifest the disease. Knowing your genes allows you to live according to your genes, which lessens the chance of manifesting something you don't want. It also allows you to take preventative measures. I would say that everyone needs to work on preserving their brain as much as possible.

Additionally, genetic science is still very new. What we know today will continue to grow and evolve in the next couple of years. What we know now, the future will build on.

We invite you to explore our safe, non-threatening genetic analysis services:


EMF protection ties into your genetic expression. If you came here wanting EMF Protection, get protected with our JAK EMF Protection Devices here
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