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Lose it! 30 Days of Essential Nutrition to Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals | MyOmBody

Lose it! 30 Days of Essential Nutrition to Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Get the nutrition basics that will help you develop a weight loss program that is tailored to you and your lifestyle. It is often said that information is power and never will that statement ring more true than it does when it comes to your health. This course will give you the tools to turn your body into an efficient fitness machine in only 30 days.

Sample days from this course:

Over the next two days, we will conduct the “Breakfast Experiment” in order to learn about metabolic type and what it means for you. Today, eat three (3) hard boiled eggs (yolk optional) for breakfast. For breakfast tomorrow, eat fresh or steamed veggies with brown rice. Note how you feel and how long it takes for you to get hungry after each of these breakfasts. This experiment will help you learn your metabolic type. Start the experiment today!

Keep your exercise and gym expectations realistic. Some trainers and bodybuilders say that they feel fantastic about one out of every four workouts and that having a really good workout twenty-five percent of the time is adequate. Thus, keep a realistic outlook and don’t get down on yourself if you don’t push yourself as hard as possible every time you are in the gym. Consistency is the most important thing. If you combine your workout regimen with proper nutrition, you will see results.

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Brooke Juntilla About Brooke Juntilla

Brooke Juntilla is a Nationally Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor and the founder of Tailored Nutrition, LLC, a Manhattan-based health and nutrition consultancy (www.TailoredNutrition.net). She is also the head of the nutrition department at a top gym in midtown Manhattan.

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