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The Elephant in the Room | MyOmBody

The Elephant in the Room

Outrage at the healthcare system? I'm over it.

There is so much debate concerning how best to handle our health care crisis and so many points of view as to our best course of action.  It’s odd though that all completely ignore the fact that there is an elephant in the room.  How can people not notice the giant elephant vying for our attention by stomping and trumpeting so loudly?

Legitimate concerns include the absurdity of lengthy wait times for patients with serious illnesses, the coverage of drugs and procedures and which government did what wrong when, to create the perfect environment nourishing the mess.  All of this simply results in our collective distraction from the fact that, once again, no one is mentioning the elephant in the room. Circular debates ensue, precious time is wasted, our population gets sicker and ever more distracted, while the elephant continues to grow and get louder.

Conspiracy theories abound suggesting it is in industry’s best interest to keep us engaged in this debate and sporting our elephant blinders.  Others maintain our elephant ignorance is the intended result of our health care system.  It needs us to be sick or it will be out of business.  Perhaps the most ridiculous excuse I have heard for not introducing the elephant to the masses is that people would not do what they needed to do anyway.  That’s just code for we are all too dumb to understand that what we are doing is making us sick.

Comments like these make me lose my mind!  They don’t shine the light on the elephant but rather are attempts to anger us in glue, wasting more time and energy, concealing the elephant even more.

It’s time to cut the crap.  Rather than one more study to define the mess and develop a plan to develop a plan, here’s a very simple solution:  Let’s introduce everyone to the elephant.  By that I mean, let’s teach everyone how to be healthy.  It’s really not rocket science.  Let’s teach real nutrition to our children, not what industry would like us to know.  Let’s get corporations out of our research labs and institutions of higher learning so real research can take place and be reported upon.  Let’s stop tip-toeing around industry, grow a pair and get back to the basics. 

Healthy living is possible for everyone. Right now.

Sure, the basics of what makes us tick have been spoken of but certainly not loudly enough.  The fact is we do come with an owner’s manual.  You know it, I know it and we all know what it says.  Just as a headache is not the result of an aspirin deficiency, feeling shy upon entering a room full of strangers is not uncommon, does not make you odd and does not mean that before entering, you should acquire from your physician a pharmaceutical drug to help you cope.  Let this be your warning:  if the notion of acquiring a pharmaceutical remedy for every ill does not sound absolutely absurd to you, your particular brand of elephant blinders are heavy duty and they should be removed promptly.

How?  Get yourself a Health Coach who will reintroduce you to your beautiful, wonderful body.  It wants to have a good time as much as you do, but doesn’t want to work overtime cleaning up the mess.  A Health Coach can easily teach you two to get along.

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Donnalyn Murphy, B.A., B.Ed., CHC, AADP, Health Coach, Teacher, Founder of Body & Soul Health Coaching and former Very-Sick-Person, LOVES to work with motivated people wishing to sample, or adopt, a whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle to improve their health, or that of our planet, perhaps also with the goal of raising healthier children, ready to examine all aspects of their life. Learn more at www.DonnalynMurphy.com

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