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Real Food. Real Good. | MyOmBody

Real Food. Real Good.

Real food. Real good. MyOmBody course by Ronni SearightHealthy, meet gourmet. Join Ronni Searight for 30 days of healthy cooking tips and quick and easy recipes that will help even a kitchen newbie create delicious, fresh homemade meals. With a focus on whole foods and natural ingredients, this course promises to satisfy both your palate and your health goals.

Sample days from this course:

We’ve all read about the benefits of a Mediterranean diet. Less red meat/more fruit and vegetables and good fats like olive oil and avocado. Greek pizza is a tasty way to eat Mediterranean diet-friendly foods. Tomato, olives, red onion, spinach and Feta with a whole wheat crust. [links to Ronni’s recipe for Mediterranean pizza]

Making nut milks at home lets you control what’s in your milk. Start with whole, unroasted nuts and soak in water overnight. Puree in a blender using about three cups of water for every cup of nuts. Strain through a cheesecloth-lined colander. Sweeten with honey or agave.

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Ronni Searight About Ronni Searight

Ronni Searight likes to cook. She likes to eat. She likes to talk about food. Ronni grew up watching and helping the women in her life cook. Those hours spent in the kitchen helping her grandmothers shell peas and helping her mom peel potatoes have greatly influenced her appreciation of food as sustenance, but more importantly, her belief that food is a way to share and connect with those you love. Visit Ronni at TheShelledPea.wordpress.com.

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