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Press Release

MyOmBody releases health and happiness app for iPhone

Download MyOmBody now at: http://bit.ly/VBfncP

Cambridge, MA – MyOmBody, a health startup, has introduced an app that allows you to track your health and happiness on your iPhone.

MyOmBody is based on three beliefs:

  • There is more to food than calories
  • There is more to wellbeing than being skinny
  • Optimal health is about feeling awesome, not doing everything “right”

“Your relationship with your family, your social life and your sense of fulfillment in your career are more important determinants of your well-being than eating broccoli or running marathons,” says MyOmBody Founder Lindsey Witmer. “We wanted to create a platform where you could track everything and get insight into how it all connects.”

MyOmBody quizzes users once a day with questions such as:

  • How much have people enjoyed being around you today?
  • Can you let go of the things outside of your control today?
  • How many fist-sized servings of vegetables did you eat today?

Over time, the app gives users insight into how these various aspects of their life might be connecting. For example, you might find out that:

  • You have less energy when you eat wheat
  • Generosity reduces your stress levels
  • The pain in your joints is affected by your sugar consumption

“Algorithms are really fun,” says Witmer. “But I don’t believe that algorithms or apps, even this one, will ever be able to replace human caregivers.” MyOmBody gives every user of the app a free initial consultation with an integrative health coach. “I chose these coaches out of hundreds of applicants; they have thriving practices all over the US and the world. I am thrilled to be able to offer their services to MyOmBody users.”

Download MyOmBody now at: http://bit.ly/VBfncP