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Jeanne Ricks | MyOmBody

Jeanne Ricks

CHC, Director, Holistic Wellness Programs for City College of New York and Founder, Nu Day Holistic Health Counseling

Yonkers, NY

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Jeanne is passionate about holistic approaches to health and healing, whether increasing energy, reducing weight naturally, boosting immunity, balancing insulin, improving sleep or addressing other health complications.

Jeanne’s approach takes into account the whole person, including mental stress and social factors beyond the physical body. Her methodology is not about dieting, but providing each person with tools they’ll use for a lifetime of healthy living. By guiding each person to simple and intuitive tools to manage their eating habits and lifestyle to naturally optimize their health, she provides a new way to take charge of how you look and feel.

“Jeanne has a warm and easy going personality, along with a sense of humor – I was immediately comfortable working with her. She has well-researched knowledge about nutrition, metabolism, and weight loss. In the course of several months of working with her, I am lighter by fifteen plus pounds, I exercise more, and I make more informed choices about what I eat, when I eat, and why. The process of weight loss isn’t easy, and it has been extremely helpful to have someone on my side.” – Bobbi E., New York, NY

“I have been a client of Jeanne Ricks for over a year. At the time that I met her, I was anemic and had tried over the counter supplements and some diet changes to cure the situation. I became more and more concerned when my doctor could not determine the cause and had me undergo numerous tests. I was convinced I had some terrible illness that just had not been detected yet. Jeanne did a complete and thorough analysis. I was not dying of some undiagnosed disease; I simply had a nutritional problem! Jeanne helped me to understand how my diet contributed to the anemia and educated me about the types and kinds of foods and natural supplements that would help me. Sure enough, I found a nutritionist who really knew her stuff! Not only is Jeanne an extremely knowledgeable nutritionist, she is a kind, caring and wonderful person. I am no longer anemic and now understand the causes of the problem. I HIGHLY recommend Jeanne to anyone who is experiencing a health issue or who simply wants to know how to eat correctly to maintain good health and proper weight.” – Sue Manasse, Chappaqua, NY

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