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Gretchen Morris | MyOmBody

Gretchen Morris

H.C., AADP, and Founder, Healthy Foods for Life

Elk River, MN

gretchen morris avatarAre you ready for a better life? Ready to feel and look better? Gretchen will help you do just that by helping you listen to your body and feeding it what it really needs.

Why Gretchen? She walks the talk, being wheat, dairy and sugar free. She has also been where you are and believes in helping you make a healthy lifestyle easy and sustainable to live a life that is happy and healthy!

“Gretchen Morris is the most passionate person I have ever met. She has your best interest in mind when helping you achieve your goals. Gretchen sits down with you to find out what foods you like, where your skill level is and what your goals are. Our family wanted to know how to cook and prepare healthier meals. She taught us just that. Now our family knows what to buy and how to cook the food so we can sit down together and enjoy our meals. Gretchen is the BEST!!!” – Sara & Dustin

“Gretchen has made me more aware of my diet and I do feel better. I am now into homemade soups, sharing them once a week with coworkers – we all enjoy it. She has also made it easier for me to cook for one, exploring new recipes and experimenting. She has been so instrumental in getting me through one of the hardest times of my life. I have no words to thank her or to tell you how much I appreciate all she has done for me.” – Beth

“I worked with Gretchen for 6 months. During that time I learned many things, the most important of which was that I was not alone. I had someone who believed in me and who held me accountable. What a powerful combination. She had me do food related experiments that showed me how my body reacted to certain foods. Through these experiments I came to realize that I had a problem with gluten and identified the symptoms that would occur whenever I ate something with gluten in it. Also, we never mentioned the “D” word but concentrated on eating healthy foods for life.

“Who knew lentils were good? Certainly not me but there is a big pot of organic vegetable lentil soup cooking on my stove right now. Because of the support and education I received from Gretchen I am now eating healthier, exercising 4-5 times per week and believe that I can achieve my goals.

“I would highly recommend Gretchen to anyone who has struggled with excess weight and health issues. She is great for the body, wonderful for the mind and terrific for the soul.” – Linda

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