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Grace Stanley | MyOmBody

Grace Stanley

RN-HN, HC, and Founder, Optimal Health and Wellness with Grace

Princeton, NJ

grace stanley avatarGrace works with women over 50 years young who are struggling with weight loss and low libido. Through nutritional and lifestyle modifications, she helps them learn to eat foods they enjoy, get back to their ideal weight and keep the weight off, be sensually and sexually motivated and like the person they see in the mirror.

It’s never too late to start something new in order to experience something different. Why feel stuck and frustrated? Grace’s integrative coaching program is practical, enjoyable, and sustainable.

“Grace is an incredible wealth of knowledge and has a sincere care and desire to help you reach your goals. She doesn’t just care about what you eat but about your overall ‘being’. Before I met her, I was on the slippery slope to severe health problems because of my weight. I have learned the importance of eating with awareness and integrating new and fresh items into my diet on a daily basis. She is tenacious in her desire to keep you motivated and on track with your eating, physical and spiritual goals. I am on an intense journey of self discovery and change and I am so blessed to have Grace at my side guiding me, educating me and caring about me.” – Peggy M., Chiropractor

“Grace has supported me in not only cleaning up my diet but in helping me to clean up my life as well. Let me explain: a big part of one’s health concerns ‘mental health’ as well as the physical. Grace made sure that I took care of those things in my life that I needed to do and procrastinated about. She followed through with me, making sure the suggestions we agreed upon were carried out and that I not only took care of my physical health and diet but my mental well being as well. She goes out of her way to take care of her clients … she was in Europe when she Skyped me to make sure I was following through! In Europe! On vacation! She’s always thinking of what she can do to support her clients. Another example; buying healthy products is one thing, knowing how to cook and/or prepare them is quite another thing! Grace took me shopping at the health food market and came to my place to show me how to cook it as well!

“I definitely recommend Grace as a coach if you want to change your life and lower your stress forever! She is a joy to work with – very knowledgeable as well as extremely empowering. Consider Grace to be an investment worth your life!” – Jeff B., MD

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