Get Sexy: Radiate Greater Passion in 30 Days

How passionate, sexy, and vibrant are you willing to become? You are invited to connect deeply with yourself and to unleash the radiant person inside of you that has been waiting to be freed. Whether you’ve been married for years or are deepening your bond with a new partner, this course will help guide you to build confidence, feel sexier and become an even better lover.

Sample days from this course:

Typically, the more intimacy you have with someone, the more old, unhealthy patterns rise to the surface. As your bond and connections deepen, so must your commitment to hold your partner in love and non-judgment. Track what your predominant thoughts are about your mate each day, and track the things that your mate said or did that you appreciate.

If you want to have pleasure in the bedroom, you have to create pleasure in your life. No one can give you the ecstasy you desire until you make friends with pleasure. Every day, either give yourself some kind of pleasure present or do something for yourself that reminds you that you are special.

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Kamala Chambers and David Tejeda About Kamala Chambers and David Tejeda

Kamala Chambers and David Tejeda have nearly 30 years of combined experience in the field of health, wellness, and energy medicine. Kamala and David have worked with world class doctors to blend numerous integrative cancer treatments. They co-founded and co-teach V.I.B.E., the four foundations of energy medicine.

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