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Diane Eblin | MyOmBody

Diane Eblin

CHC, AADP, and Founder, The WHOLE Gang

Herndon, VA

Diane works with smart, busy women who want to fit their health into their crazy schedule as well as individuals needing to live gluten free who want to achieve an easy transition to their new diet.

Everyone is unique, but we all need support to be successful. Diane helps you identify what’s working and what’s not and shares all the resources at her disposal. Using your life’s real situations, you’ll learn skills that are simple, practical and immediately applicable.

“I have been working with Diane for over 3 months and have benefited considerably from her knowledge and the spirit that she brings to her work. As someone who was recently diagnosed with a severe allergy to gluten, Diane has helped me manage this specific issue while providing constant support and encouragement. Her advice goes beyond mere nutrition. Her suggestions and insight have given me an incredible advantage at managing the ‘new normal’ in my life. I can’t possibly articulate in writing how much her guidance and support has meant to me. I recommend her highly.” – Kathy Albarado

“Diane is a colleague whom I’ve worked with on numerous occasions in the special diet arena. Her knowledge in the gluten-free diet and how to incorporate it into everyday living is unsurpassed. She is an expert at creating healthful menus, navigating social situations and dining out, and accommodating additional dietary needs, such as sugar-free or low glycemic index, dairy-free, and grain-free. I recommend her recipes, menus, and health guidance to others regularly.” – Alisa Fleming

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