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Live in Color

Healthy living is possible for everyone. We can help.

As a California native, my eye has always been drawn to brilliant and inviting colors. The image of clear blue skies and green palm trees will be imprinted on my brain forever.  Grey days are gloom and doom.  I am just in a better mood on a bright sunny day.  In other words, a boost [...]

Priorities: Balance or Bust

Choose your big rocks first

I tend to take on a lot. Anyone who knows me knows I love making new friends, starting new projects, learning new skills and discovering new hobbies. I’ve been made to feel admired, criticized, questioned and overwhelmed for this little “habit” of mine. But when it comes right down to it, I wouldn’t change any [...]

How to Eat Kale without Gagging

Green Smoothie

On my quest to learn everything ever about health and nutrition, I heard a lot about the benefit of eating dark green leafy vegetables. I studied over 100 vastly different, and often contradictory, dietary theories, but none said a negative word about dark green leafy vegetables. It was one of maybe two points of widespread [...]

The Elephant in the Room

Outrage at the healthcare system? I'm over it.

There is so much debate concerning how best to handle our health care crisis and so many points of view as to our best course of action.  It’s odd though that all completely ignore the fact that there is an elephant in the room.  How can people not notice the giant elephant vying for our [...]

How Positive Thinking Affects Water Molecules and Your Body


By Joan S. Mishra, author of Simplicity, Joy and Mystery: A Guide to Growing Up, Not Old I just finished reading the most magical book. It’s called Messages from Water and the Universe written by Masaru Emoto. Mr. Emoto has spent years researching water and photographing frozen water crystals. He perfected a process of freezing a drop [...]

My Tendency To Drink Your Kool-Aid

Hot summer night + porch + cold beer? Not for me, apparently.

Last month I started reading a book written by a wellness expert I really admire. The book features a full 30-day cleanse – not in the sense of fasting, but of cleaning out ones diet and adding movement (like yoga) and habits (like not eating after 8pm) that facilitate proper digestion and internal cleansing. So [...]