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Beth Schroeder | MyOmBody

Beth Schroeder

CHC, CHHP, and Founder, Simply Health, LLC

Moorestown, NJ

beth schroeder avatarBeth works with adults and teens facing a chronic illness to apply plant-based nutrition as an alternative therapy for healing.

Using a plant-based nutritional approach, clients learn to apply food choices one step at a time to heal their body and rebuild immune function, energy and well-being.

“Beth is amazing at explaining the effects of different foods while helping me to enjoying adding alternative choices to crowd out my unhealthy cravings. I am much more relaxed and have more energy. I am no longer chronically sick and I feel in control of my health. I love making informed choices for what I eat!”
- Nancy B.

“Thank you so much for helping me learn to eat healthier! I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy my sessions with you; not only am I eating better – so is my family!” – Katie B.

“Just over a year ago, my health problems were so bad, I was convinced I was dying. Now I am able to do what I need to do with energy and a healthy outlook. I can attest that your help has greatly improved the quality of my life and food choices! You have made a lasting impact on me, and my family” – Heather T.

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