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Basia Revi | MyOmBody

Basia Revi

HHC, AADP, and Founder, www.EatWellDiva.com

Bronx, NY

Basia works with women and men in transitional life periods who are faced with stress, health and weight-related concerns. She guides and supports them in taking action so that they can return to their natural state of well-being, balance and happiness.

Basia believes that each person is capable of living the life they have always imagined for themselves. In declaring that we are ready to bring the change into our life, we already take the first step. It is her mission to help her clients identify and prioritize their goals. By applying fun, non-threatening recommendations that fit one’s busy schedule, and a very personalized, step-by-step approach, Basia’s clients are able to establish new habits and experience lasting changes in their lifestyle.

“Little more than a year ego I wasn’t in the best of shape – both physically and mentally. I felt that my life is going nowhere and I was on some kind of crossroads… I decided to try Basia’s program to improve my life and that was IT! Her dedication to people, her knowledge about food and most of all the holistic approach to every individual – work magic. Basia is very professional and always ready to help with extremely useful tips, delicious recipes or simply – a friendly conversation. Her dedication is priceless, her enthusiasm and sense of humor are really contagious. Today – thanks to her – I am completely different and a new person. Still a lot to do but I am really happy and grateful that I started this journey.You are a real treasure, Basia!” – E.W.

“I was one of those people who could list all unhealthy habits in my life, but did not take any action to change them. I knew what I would change in my life, but I needed a guide to show me how. When Basia became my Health Coach she gave me directions on how to implement small but groundbreaking changes in my everyday routine. She prescribed small steps fitting my busy schedule. Making healthy choices when shopping for groceries, cooking delicious but quick meals, exercising regularly and enjoying it. The benefits came almost immediately. My allergies almost disappeared, no pills, no asthmatic cough. My weight went down into healthy level. My energy level increased tremendously. And most importantly, all the changes did not require major sacrifices. They became my new habits that I am proud of. Her commitment and individual approach helped me to do what I could not do alone.” – I. L.

“I had a wonderful experience with the Eat Well Diva, Basia Revi, in her 9 day cleanse/feast. I learned how to prepare powerful plant foods for optimum nutrition and energy. The recipes were so simple and delicious. I still use almost all of them in my daily life. It was great to also see the rest of my family enjoying these wholesome meals, especially my 4 year old daughter. I felt satisfied, grounded and light as I moved through the program. I even lost weight. I feel the cleanse also opened me up to new opportunities like a theater role this summer! Basia is a very loving and supportive guide through the cleanse and I feel blessed to have gotten to know her. I look forward to my next plant food cleanse/feast with Basia.” – L.F.

“I followed amazing, delicious recipes that Basia e-mailed. This detox diet was by far the best for me. I finally quit drinking coffee!” – K.R.

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